Remi Bader Boyfriend: Keyveat Postell III Age, Job, Family

Meet Keyveat Postell III, the boyfriend of TikTok star and social media influencer Remi Bader. The internet celebrity shared moments of her man on her social media. However, here is some additional information you should know about Keyveat.

This biography covers his age, occupation and information about his family members.

Meet Keyveat Postell III, boyfriend of Remi Bader

TikTok star Remi Bader is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Keyveat Postell III. September 2023 marked the first year of their relationship. For that occasion, Remi published a long post and wrote: “A YEAR OF DAYS WITH YOU!!!!!! And what a year it was… A year might not be long for some people, but for a 28-year-old girl who has her first boyfriend, that’s a big deal for me.”

“More importantly, I’m posting this for my followers who may have been told once… that they will never find a significant other, who chooses to put their career first, who might come off as “intimidating” to men, who thinks that Too are independent to ever have a partner to enjoy life with, who is waiting for the day when they lose enough weight or feel better to find love…,” added Remi. “This year I learned that there is someone for everyone. Someone who considers that all the things you find negative about yourself are incredible. I also think it’s important to say that there’s also no timeline that any of us should follow. There’s no rush, and whether you’re 27 or 67 and meeting your first significant other, there’s just nothing wrong with that.”

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She then concluded, “My man, thank you for making every day so much more exciting. You teach me to speak more kindly to myself, you show me love that I never thought was possible for me. You bring out my childish silly side and make life just a little more fun every day. And most importantly, thank you for accepting me and my cpap. For many more years of stupidity and love ♥️.”

Remi gave her followers an insight into her relationships through her IG. They have fun together and also “get ready with us”. In August 2023, she announced that her “Manz finally earned his first @theouai brand trip.”

The couple’s Valentine’s post from February 2023 read: “Rema’s first Valentine ❤️ Thank you for loving me the way I am. I love you!”

Keyveat Postell III era

Keyveat Postell III turned 25 years old in 2023. He was born in 1998.

The Keyveat Postell III family

Keyveat Postell III is the son of Lynn Collins and Keyveat Postell. Lynn Collins has served as Operations Manager for the City of Philadelphia since 1989. She is also an independent jewelry consultant at Touchstone Crystal.

Lynn graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania in 1989. You can also know her on Facebook as Bling Mama.

Their father Keyveat AKA Khalil is the Chief Sales Consultant at Jaguar Land Rover Clearlake since 2021. He is currently based in Houston, Texas. On Keyveat III’s last birthday, Khalil wished his son, “Happy 25th birthday to my son Keyveat Postell III, keep doing what you’re doing young man!!”

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He seems to be the only child born to his parents.

Is Keyveat Postell III on Instagram?

Although Kyveat Postell III’s Instagram is private (@keyveat), his IG tag is. He hasn’t updated his Facebook since 2020.

Keyveat Postell III Job

Keyveat Postell III works as an associate at THE SEELIG GROUP, LLC. He joined the organization in June 2023. He previously worked as a structured finance, investment and lending analyst at Goldman Sachs for three years after joining the firm as a summer analyst in 2019.

His LinkedIn also boasts that he was an Assistant Coach for the Philadelphia Fever, an Assistant Lacrosse Coach for Nostrant Inc. and Mesa Fever Lacrosse. He has also worked for companies such as Credit Suisse (as a Summer Global Markets Analyst) and ALEXSAR CAPITAL, LLC (as a Private Equity Intern).

As a student participant, he worked for ModernGuild and Vanguard in 2017 and BlackRock and Goldman Sachs in 2018.

As for her academic milestones, Keyveat went to high school at The Haverford School. At Haverford, he was student body president, co-president of the Sustainability Alliance, and leader of the school’s Peer Counseling. He graduated in 2016.

Then he entered the University of Pennsylvania. As a senior, he committed to the University of Pennsylvania for lacrosse and majored in political economy, although he initially considered molecular biology, biophysics and business. He studied economics there, and graduated in 2020.

Find detailed information on his collegiate lacrosse career here.

In 2017, he attended The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he studied European Monetary Union, trade policies and economic development, global economic governance and more.

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Related FAQs

  • How tall is the Keyveat Postell III?

Keyveat Postell III stands tall at 6’1”.

  • When is Keyveat Postell III’s birthday?

Keyveat Postell III’s birthday is May 16.

  • Where is the Keyveat Postell III from?

According to his Facebook, Keyveat Postell is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The place is also his current residence.

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