Red Dead Online: How to Level Naturalist (The Fast Way)

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The role of the naturalist Red Dead Online May require players to grind XP for a long time, which can become frustrating after a while. However, there are several methods that players can follow to level up the Naturalist character faster.

Players will need to be in certain areas Red Dead OnlineThe open world map effectively equips Naturalist XP. If the player has not unlocked this character, 25 Gold Bars are required to obtain the Naturalist Sample Pack from Harriet Davenport.unlock this character Red Dead Online is necessary as it allows the player to purchase Tranquilizer ammo from Harriet, which is needed to gain XP.

How to farm Naturalist XP in Red Dead Online

Maximize XP Red Dead Online The player can farm for the Naturalist character, who can combine the following methods and repeat them in the most efficient way possible. Players should also purchase the Premium Camera ($540) and Outlaw Pass No. 3 from the category to do some steps below to get the most rewards Red Dead OnlineLegendary animals

  • Research animals by getting close to them and using the R1/RB buttons.
  • Use tranquilizer bullets to put animals to sleep and take samples
  • Selling samples to Harriet in Davenport
  • Collect patterns as “suits” and sell them to Harriet for higher XP rewards
  • Capture animals with an advanced camera
  • Repeat the above process for legendary animals to get more XP

Best Naturalist XP Farming Place

Crocodile in Red Dead Online

to gain XP Red Dead Onlinenatural role, it is prudent to Red Dead Online Players can farm where they can get the most XP. Some of these locations are packed with popular and legendary animals, which saves time. However, certain locations require the player to visit different biomes to dedicate and collect specimens of different types of animals in order to:



Lemoyne Swamp north of Saint-Denis

Sedated five alligators to collect samples and photographs. However, these animals require a lot of sedation to sleep. Sell ​​samples to Harriet for more XP.

McFarland Farm and Emerald Farm

Anesthetize and collect samples from livestock such as cows and goats.

near new austin

Collect samples from all over the desert biome. Once you’ve collected enough sets, sell it to Harriet for a ton of XP.

Once players have collected all of the aforementioned samples, they can re-visit these locations to earn experience points in Red Dead Online. If the animal does not respawn, the player should start a new online session and repeat the process again.

In addition to the methods above, the player should also complete any Harriet quests that require the player to visit her outpost. These missions usually require the player to Red Dead Online This also grants Naturalist XP.

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