Recall of a mouthwash: application can have dire consequences

Again, there is a mouthwash recall. It is bad consequences in the application threaten. Here you will find important details. Update from 9.

Again, there is a mouthwash recall. It is bad consequences in the application threaten. Here you will find important details.

Update January 9, 2019: Consumers need to be careful when using mouthwash again, as there is a widespread danger from mouthwash, as it was with December’s germs. It was reported, among other things, by the Deutsche Apotheker-Zeitung.

this is the solution, “octenidol – md” from Schülke & Mayr GmbH. The company calls the solution according to the official release. The bottling took place in the bottling plant, as in August, the batch of the same brand was recalled. This was exposed by the bacterium Burkholderia cepacia Konami. Buy “octenidol – md” mouthwash, among other things, on Amazon.

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recall of “Elina med” mouthwash in Aldi, Lidl and Netto stores

Update December 5, 2018: Do not eat! Aldi, Lidl and Netto are warning customers on Wednesday before the product goes on sale in several states.

Berlin/Erlangen – “Anti-Plaque mouthwash Fresh” of the brand “Elina med” in a 500 ml bottle may contain the hospital germ “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” – the germ of a wound infection was discovered in a series of products.

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Also interesting: furniture giant Ikea is recalling one of its popular products. It’s one of the folding tables. In addition, a vegetable soup manufacturer recalled one of its products. Under certain conditions, dangerous when consumed.

The Bayerisches Landesamt warns against this mouthwash

The risk of infection in case of injuries to the skin and mucous membranes is probably very high. On it, among other things, the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety. The product was sold nationwide at several major retailers, online retailers and retailers. It is available on Amazon.

Customers with questions can contact the competent company “Jean Products ADJUST GmbH”, at: 09353 – 9785 644.

before any complaints under their branches, two retail other potentially dangerous chains of products taken from the assortment – you do not want the authorities in 2018 on the sale of fireworks.

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beware of glass shards in the asparagus cups! Aldi Nord is currently recalling a product that was sold as a promotional item.

a customer buys a bottle in Aldi, but with this content it is not expected

read: you made your mouth water, but you should never do that.

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A revolution in the case of Rewa – it changes at the vegetable counter

mother warns against Aldi-visit with drastic words

callback: Consuming this Aldi-life product is dangerous

In some branches of the Aldi discount store, Nord is called a product. For allergy sufferers, consumption can even be life-threatening.

“You’re not serious, are you?” As provided by Sophia Thomalla for hateful comments against MediaMarkt

It should go only for men – but of all, Sophia Thomalla is generating a lot of hateful comments, which the electrical giant MediaMarkt now has to deal with.

recall due to broken glass – warns Aldi about this asparagus

And in Aldi Nord, the variety of asparagus sold by the supplier “Merkur odsne trópado” is withdrawn because glass shards were found in one glass. Customers will be asked in the recall, the corresponding item to bring to branches.

land purchase crazy action: advertising buyers separation

At the expense of Nadine from the “wife swap” that you can buy, he manages to achieve a real marketing coup. More or less creative advertising of the food chain is the majority of customers in all cases.

Be careful! You make this mistake at Ikea, or you’ll end up in jail

The woman bought together with her father at Ikea. A stupid accident happened that finally landed them in jail.

interesting: call back in DM! The drugstore warns about a popular product.

Caution! The Hussel company is bringing back drinking chocolate

shock at Aldi, the customer makes a disgusting discovery and does not want to calm down

Update from 11/19/2018: recall! Cheese can cause bleeding – It was at Rewe’s too

caution, product recall! Consumption of Rohmilchkäses “Perle de Compostelle” produced by Ferme Chapuis from France could have dire consequences.

callback: Edeka calls gingerbread back due to risk of injury

Update 11/29/2018: Consumers beware: Edeka is recalling its popular gingerbread due to the risk of injury. Everyone who bought gingerbread can give them away in Edeka.

recall warning: recall of popular organic products: mold toxins in food

recall: glass shards in yogurt recalled due to health hazards


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