Real Gangster Crime MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 5.9.1

Real Gangster Crime lets players join the city of Liberty, where all kinds of criminals exist. If you want to have a place here, you have to accept to face many dangers. There are tons of things you won’t see just walking around the city. The player’s tasks are very diverse, not only is the gameplay in miniature of GTA but Real Gangster Crime also allows you to have real battles. Starting from moving to the specified location, just like the player performing the task. Get used to this and you’re like a hired killer, but not really.

3D graphics and 3rd person shooter combine with RPG for a version of Real Gangster Crime fit for a gunman. GameDVA can tell you a lot about street style games, but you can still easily get stuck playing a particular game even though the gameplay is similar. For example, Black Hole Hero is very similar to Real Gangster Crime, but in that you have to fight the Mafia. Very dangerous thugs are ready to respond to your every action. Also here, in addition to police and criminals, players also face many challenges no less than night raiders.

Download Real Gangster Crime MOD – Become the boss of the gangster slum city

The streets in Real Gangster Crime are not as busy as in Dude Theft War, but you have to be careful before doing anything. Not all were civilians, many were armed. Think before deciding to rob an expensive car driving on the road. If you still want to do this, get a powerful enough gun. With 7 weapon options, 3 mobility skills, and carrying multiple first aid kits, you can easily disrupt an entire city. Fitness is unlimited, this is the advantage of this game. The real gangster crime mod allows you to buy any item you need for your missions.

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There are different types of weapons

In an open game like Real Gangster Crime, the equipment system cannot be ignored. You can choose from a variety of weapons from melee, pistols, rifles… Crowbars, axes, guitars, lollipops are just some of the fun close-range assault weapons you can use. . There are also many types of Blaster guns, M4A1, AK-74, PKM, Flash… It’s hard to introduce them one by one in this article. Of course, Real Gangster Crime is full of powerful weapons and you don’t just buy the most powerful guns. If an enemy is nearby, it will be vulnerable to bullets if you are using an RPG. So Magnum is also a must-have gun, don’t take it lightly when it’s just a pistol with limited attack speed. Also don’t forget to buy ammo, each gun has its own cartridge.

real gangster crime mod apk

role refresh

Real Gangster Crime APK allows you to change your character’s outfit by choosing a hat, shirt and pants. In particular, each item has many different colors. Your fashion sense will be optimized through beautiful coordination. Old hat, plaid shirt and scout pants These are the clothes I used when trying out this game.

vehicle system

Besides stealing a car on anyone’s road, you can also buy a car with the money you have. Cars, motorbikes, tanks or helicopters, these are the vehicles that are brought into the real gangster crime. Use it to move or fight when your crime level is too high. Tanky and EGLE are two cars that I use when there are too many cops. No matter how powerful your weapon is, you still need a vehicle that can strike.

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real gangster crime escalation

Things become more powerful if players upgrade them. Characters, armor, weapons, vehicles, that’s what you have the ability to upgrade. Skills are supported by this, such as improved physical strength and the character can run faster. Does this make the quest much more difficult than a slow moving character?

download real gangster crime mod

Not a heavy game, but Real Gangster Crime still gives players the option to set up graphics. Choose the quality from Low, Medium, High or Extreme according to your desire. But make sure that the control operation is not affected. There are many ways to get away with crime, such as driving a car far away or killing a policeman. Download Real Gangster Crime MOD and become a notorious criminal in the city.

Download Real Gangster Crime MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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