Real Driving School MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 1.8.7

Real Driving School MOD APK Info

  • Unlimited Coins;
  • Unlock sirens on all vehicles (for them to appear, you need to switch to another vehicle after purchasing the vehicle, then select the purchased vehicle again).

If you are not old enough to drive in real life, test drive in Real Driving School MOD APK. This driving simulation game will guide you from the very basics. Gives you low-level driving skills and how to control vehicles in traffic. At the same time, you can also participate in the virtual city in the game. The place has a dense population, so the traffic system is very crowded and the network is large. Realistic graphics is the number one strength of Real Driving School. Especially the cars whose shape is closest to real life. Popular cars and supercars are cared for in great detail.

Real Driving School takes you into the world of vast cities. It’s big enough to take you around for hours. The theme of this game is driving. Don’t race like you think. Once in the world of Real Driving School, you must obey the same traffic rules as in real life. This is a life experience driving game without any racing elements. If you are speeding, you will be fined and your license will be revoked.

Download Real Driving School MOD APK – Practice Car Driving Mastery

Driving a car in real life is very difficult and it takes time to prepare for the test and get a license. In Real Driving School, it’s not that complicated. Since it’s just a game, you don’t have to worry about the damage you cause. Enjoy playing with cars to learn how to start and drive them. There will be a lot of driving exercises waiting for you to complete. You will also pass a test to get your driver’s license. Of course, this certificate is only valid in the game. All methods and ways of controlling the car will be simplified to the maximum for players to access quickly.

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Although there are many buttons, it is not as complicated as a real car. The screen will display virtual keys to help you control the car. Their design is very familiar to many racing games. If you’ve ever played a racing game, you’ll know right away what these buttons are for. The rest have new buttons that display more specific functions like horns, turn signals, headlight navigation… all functions you’ll need to use in everyday traffic.

real driving learning mod apk

drive many luxury cars

Real Driving School offers players many of the most attractive and luxurious supercars in the world. Everything to meet your driving learning needs. Each has a different price and specifications, just like in real life. The point is that the driving experience of each car will be completely different in a different way. The car’s styling is taken from many of the world’s most famous brands. From Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz… are all luxury brands that are hard to match outside. Because they are expensive, they have different controls. When you drive a brand new car, you need to relearn its basic construction.

Real driving school mod apk free

Different riding modes

You have to strictly follow the traffic rules while driving in real driving school. This meant we had to stop when the turn signal was red before we could turn in another direction. All of these apply to the day-to-day operation of the road transport system. Players can choose from many modes such as self-driving in the city, self-driving when parking, driving license test … Most interesting is the multiplayer mode, where you will drive with your friends. Learn to drive a car together. Show off the most expensive and luxurious cars. Experience the fullest and best driving feeling until you can drive in real life.

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Real driving learning mod for free

The most realistic damage

What you have caused will be considered a total loss and you will have to pay for it. If you do not obey traffic laws, drive without proper guidance. Running a red light, colliding with another vehicle or crashing into a building counts as loss of game money. This warns all players to follow the rules. Please control the vehicle in a reasonable way to avoid encountering problems and incidents. It’s also a great way to teach kids about road safety.

Learn to drive for free

Real Driving School will provide you with a great environment to learn to drive quickly and efficiently. Experience a comfortable and safe space to drive proficiently in Real Driving School MOD APK. Drive into the crowded city and obey the traffic rules. Practice mastering how to control a variety of vehicles.

Download Real Driving School MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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