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New dating show Swiping America has featured hairstylist Reagan Baker from New York. “Swiping America” ​​follows a diverse group of New Yorkers as they try to make it to other American cities. In his introduction before the screening, Johnnie called the program a “rom-doc”, noting that it is not a game and “it is not a manufactured drama”.

“We love romantic comedies, and combined with our work in the unscripted space, we set out to create a true romantic documentary…aka ROM DOC,” the creators and executive producers said exclusively Cosmopolitan. “What makes this dating show unique is that instead of zero-to-marriage, we’ve focused on the beginning stages of love and human connection mixed with real-life singles who are frustrated with the traffic in their city, but still optimistic that their person is out there, “, they continued. “Sometimes you have to transfer love to another city!”

Swiping America is all about hooking up two strangers and watching their love (hopefully) blossom, using dating apps to do the magic. Singles won’t use their apps in their own, comfortable urban areas; instead, they will travel across the country. Singles are taken to a new location for a few moves in each episode. After their matches, local singles gather with individuals from the show to mingle.

They will be able to take the ones they click with on a more formal date if this goes well. Instead of trying to “win,” the goal is to actually communicate with the other person. They seek genuine relationships rather than focusing on some form of rivalry. Singles choose who, if anyone, they want to stay in touch with while they’re on their way from that location.

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Reagan Baker in HBO Max’s series Swiping America

Speaking to the New York Post, Reagan Baker said that the dating scene in New York felt full. She added, “It was nice to get away from it, to reset.” She also shared that the dating scene in each city was diverse, but now she appreciates the New York dating scene more.

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Reagan Baker, star of HBO Max’s Swiping America, was first approached to do the show at the end of “The Endless Lockdown of New York, so nothing sounded more interesting to me than traveling across America and possibly finding a drunk.”

The HBO star is excited for viewers to see a cast like this has never existed. Each one represents a different conversation going on in the modern dating world that so many people can relate to. She told Cosmopolitan, “All four of us opened up to the experience and shared so much.”

The other three New Yorkers accompanying her on this trip are real estate agent Kesun Lee, gay data scientist Krishnanand Kelkar and entrepreneur Ashleigh Warren.

The cast of the series dives headfirst into Asheville, the romantic landscapes of North Carolina, New Orleans, the bustling streets of Louisiana, Miami, the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, Austin, Texas and the trendy events scene, Santa Fe, the enchanting vibes of New Mexico, Boulder, Colorado’s breathtaking beauty , Seattle, the eclectic and rainy city of Washington, and last but not least, Honolulu, the Hawaiian tropical paradise.

Is Reagan Baker dating anyone today?

As of this writing, Reagan Baker has not given any updates on her love life. The TV star has been in relationships with several on-screen guys she has dated, such as Jeremy and Don. She wasn’t sure what kind of dynamic she had with the latter. Reagan still appreciated Don for making her feel comfortable enough to tell him about Piper and for listening to her.

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The Age of Reagan Baker

In 2023 Raegan Baker is 39 years old. He was born in February 1984.

The Reagan Baker Family

Susan Baker and Joe Baker, Reagan Baker’s parents named their daughter after Ronald Reagan. She was raised in a strict Mormon household in Utah. She was homeschooled, the HBO Max star claims, and in addition to learning to read the Bible, she also acquired numerous practical skills such as sewing and baking.

Reagan admitted that she is an extrovert and that she had a hard time socializing as a child. When the school bus approached her house, she would actually lean against the window and daydream about what she would have done if she had been one of the kids on the bus.

Reagan moved to New York at the age of 20, abandoned Mormonism and fled Utah. Since then, she has made a complete 180-degree turn in her life and fully embraced her extroverted side. Reagan strives to continue to be the best she can be despite the many obstacles that life undoubtedly faces.

Joe is a former Southern Utah University professor emeritus of economics at Southern Utah University. He attended Farmington High School and then the University of Utah.

As for her siblings, Raegan has two sisters, Jody and Kelly. He also has two brothers, Nathan and Jesse.

Jody is 47 years old, she was born in 1976. Kelly turned 50 in September 2022. Kelly has been married to Mike Fink since November 1993. She serves as Vice President of Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk at Asbury Automotive Group.

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Furthermore, Raegan’s brother Nathan is 44 years old. He is married to Melanie Ayres-Baker. Jesse turned 34 in January 2023.

Reagan Baker Job

Reagan Baker has been working as a hairstylist with Reagan Baker Hair since April 2019. Prior to that, she worked at ManeSpace as a hairstylist. According to her Facebook, she also worked at Whittemore House Salon.

Reagan was at a loss with her career choice and hairdressing seemed to constantly present itself as the only thing that didn’t sound painfully boring.

She said ILES formula, “So at first I guess I kind of “fell into” it. I just didn’t know how much I would love it, what all the possibilities were and how satisfying all the hard work would be. The amount of education involved is something almost no one outside of the industry knows about, so really nothing about building my career has been easy since I graduated from beauty school. Apprenticeships were really hard and building a clientele took years, so it wasn’t necessarily easy to get into, but I’m glad I stuck with it because it was so rewarding.”

Reagan added that the client “who sits down and starts the consultation saying, ‘I’ve never liked a haircut I’ve ever had in my entire life.'” According to her, such negative interactions are impossible to break. According to the hairdresser, “they are clients who question every step, every part, every technique, every product, every tool.”

Reagan charges $300 for 1 hour (women’s haircuts) and $150 for 1 hour (kids’ haircuts). Click on the link for more details on its pricing.

In addition to working as a hairdresser, Reagan is also a blogger who runs Life of Reagan.

Reagan Grandma Height

Reagain Bake 5’4” looks like a natural blonde.

Related FAQs

  • When is Reagan Baker’s birthday?

Raegan Baker celebrates her birthday on February 3rd.

  • Where is Reagan Baker from?

Raegan Baker hails from her hometown of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He now lives in New York.

  • Is Reagan Baker on Instagram and Facebook?

Reagan Baker is available on Instagram (@reagan.baker_), Facebook (@reagan.baker.756) and Facebook (@reagan.breinholt).

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