‘Rank is missing’: Netizens on wedding card featuring couple’s IIT degrees

When couples finalize their wedding dates, they focus on creating unique invitations that will stand out. They often search the Internet and ask loved ones for wording and design ideas. Recently, an old wedding invitation went viral on social media, featuring the couple’s names next to the institutions they attended. As expected, the picture made people laugh out loud.

A picture of a wedding card that made people laugh. (Twitter/@mister_whistler)

“All you need is love to get married,” reads the caption of a wedding invitation shared on X by a user called Mahesh. The invitation has the names of the institutions that the bride and groom attended. While IIT Bombay is written next to the groom’s name, IIT Delhi stands next to the bride’s name.

See the wedding invitation here:

Since being shared on Xu, the wedding card image has gone viral with over 57,000 views. In addition, the post collected close to 500 likes and numerous retweets. Many even took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

Here’s what people are saying about the unusual wedding card:

“I was there. There was mention of the kaju katli, the wedding cake and even the chaat. The guests were instructed to mention it on the shagun ka lifafa as well,” claimed one individual.

Another quipped, “They should have mentioned that IIT Bombay married IIT Delhi.”

“This is another level of swagger. Indian wedding drama!” expressed the third.

A fourth remarked, “Ohh, the rank is missing!”

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