Rami Malek Is Said To Be Featured On James Hawes’ Next Major Project “Amateur”

Rami Malek will star in James Hawes’ next big project, Amateur, which will see Bohemian actor Rhapsody play a CIA cryptographer on a quest for revenge. After the huge success of Slow Horses on Apple TV, James Hawes has just accepted this project produced by 20th Century Fox.

According to sources, Amateur is still in the early stages of development, with Gary Spinelli the author of the first draft of the script. It is unlikely that this image will be released in 2023, but a release in 2024 seems to be a foregone conclusion. Malek is best known for his role in Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody by Brian Singer as rock legend Freddie Mercury. Amateurs don’t have many details yet, but the producer has given a rough story.

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The revenge mission of a vengeful CIA agent

At first glance, the plot of Amateur looks like a popular idea that has been explored extensively in action and horror movies. The James Hawes film is supposed to tell the story of a CIA cryptanalyst who hunts down his wife’s killers when his colleagues refuse to help.

According to Deadline, the film’s narration is as follows:

“The plot revolves around a CIA cryptographer who, after his wife is tragically killed in a terrorist attack in London, insists that his superiors go after them. When it became clear that they would not act due to competing internal goals, he blackmailed the company that trained him and left him to pursue them on his own.

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It will be some time before an official description or trailer for the project is released. However, with such fascinating individuals already attached to the project, it’s undeniably interesting. The news of Rami Malek’s involvement in the film comes shortly after the actor finished filming Christopher Nolan’s thriller Oppenheimer, which is one of the most anticipated films of the coming months.

Rami Malek was one of the most popular performers of his time, known for his dedication and ability to fully embody characters. Malek became famous in Hollywood after first showing off his skills in Mr. Robot, the series is often considered one of the best TV series of its time. His performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, which won him Best Actor at the Academy Awards, was the highlight of his career.

Rami Malek

Hawes also has a diverse resume that includes works of various genres and themes. In addition to Slow Horses, Hawes has previously worked on Black Mirror, Raised By Wolves, Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who, among many other projects. Additional amateur information will be released soon.

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