Quest Gulliford Job, Parents, Height, Married Or Dating?

TikTok sensation Quest Gulliford is known for getting head-to-toe tattoos and turning heads after applying his eyeballs. Yes, the black ink that originally covered the whites of the eyes was applied by Cobra Luna, a tattoo artist who earned the title of “inventor of the eyeball tattoo.”

“It took me six years to think about whether I wanted to get it or not,” Quest shared in a TikTok video earlier this month. He explained that he wore blackout glasses for 30 days before making the big decision. “I liked it, and then it took another six years because it was very expensive.”

The tattoo collector claims he paid $5,000 for each eye, for a total of $10,000 when the surgery is completed in 2021. Quest had to hold his eyelids open during the process so the tattoo artist could inject four doses of pigment into his eyeball. “He would barely touch it if he rubbed it after every shoot,” the Las Vegas-based TikTok influencer recalled on Oct. 1. “Now it’s permanent.”

Quest spent about 70 thousand on tattoos over 13 years.

In response to a user’s question about whether he could later remove the eyeball tattoo, he said Quest could not do that. “Here’s the question: Can you remove eyeball tattoos? And that’s a big no. And that’s why it took me six years to think about whether I wanted to get it or not. I actually got the glasses that everyone thinks I’m wearing now…”

Searching for Gulliford’s job

Quest Gulliford has been working as Social Media Manager at Sullen Clothing since September 2018. He has also done several gigs as a lifeguard for 4 years and a year as a bartender. He planned to become an architect after finishing high school.

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Additionally, Quest is involved in modeling and presents Model Mayhem. In addition, he is a tattooed entrepreneur. He also had a profile on OnlyFans.

With multiple accounts on different platforms, Quest has a growing following. His IG has 236k followers, 70k followers on Facebook, 964.4k followers on TikTok and 7695 followers on x.

Quest Gulliford Net Worth

Although unconfirmed, Quest Gulliford has a net worth of under $1.5 million.

Is Quest Gulliford Married or Dating?

Quest Gulliford is single, at least according to his Facebook. However, in December 2021 he stated: “Does anyone want my last name? I think I want to get married.”

However, he has been in several relationships that we can see on his social media and public records. One of his exes is named Luna Skye. While kissing Luna’s lips, Quest captioned the Facebook post, “Name a better couple. I’ll be waiting. Luna Skye.”

Luna, who had an IG account (@xlunaskye), deactivated her profile.

Another of Quest’s ex-girlfriends is Amber Luke. Amber Luke, who was named the most tattooed woman, is an OnlyFans star and former topless waitress. As of 2023, he is 28 years old. Luke, also known as Dragon Girl, underwent extensive surgery to change her appearance, costing more than $250,000. Some of the procedures included cutting her tongue in half and pouring blue ink into her eyeballs.

In October 2023, Amber was arrested for driving with medical marijuana on her body, two and a half years after she avoided prison despite pleading guilty to drug trafficking.

After pleading guilty to seven drug charges in December last year and avoiding jail time, she broke down in the Brisbane District Court in May 2021. The charges followed a police raid on her Capalaba home where sealed bags of marijuana, MDMA ( commonly known as ecstasy) and other drug-related items.

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Luke, however, was spared jail time and instead received a three-year sentence with immediate parole to continue treatment for the mental health issues she claimed have plagued her throughout her life.

How old is Quest Gulliford?

Born in 1992, Quest Gulliford turned 31 years old in 2023.

Search Gulliford Parents

Quest Gulliford is the son of Jim Gulliford and Julie Tromblee. His parents are no longer married.

Jim works at Body Quest, according to his LinkedIn. He turned 63 in May 2023. According to his Facebook, Jim works for American Airlines.

Quest’s mom, Julie, is the director of operations at Vegas Weddings. She turned 56 in December 2022. Julie reportedly kicked Quest out of her home after he got a second tattoo.

Quest has two sisters. Capri Gulliford, his only sister, turned 30 in September 2023. Capri went to Centennial High School and later attended IADT Las Vegas, Las Vegas International Academy of Design and Technology.

On Capra’s birthday in 2016, Quest wished his sister: “Happy birthday to my beautiful little sister. Seriously the most beautiful and precious thing in this world. The reason my standards for EVERYTHING in this world are so high is because this woman teaches me to never settle. Happy 23rd birthday sis.”

Another Quest sister is Breanna Tromblee.

The Gulliford Height quest

Quest Gulliford is 6’1″. He is said to be around 185 pounds.

Related FAQs

  • Where is Quest Gulliford from?

Quest Gulliford lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • When is Quest Gulliford’s birthday?

Quest Gulliford’s birthday is January 6th. He is a Capricorn.

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