Princess Beatrix of the pension for a totally different approach than in Belgium, Albert

there is a Friday until the age of 82, and again, almost seven years ago, far from the throne. It seems that the princess settled in the community, in

there is a Friday until the age of 82, and again, almost seven years ago, far from the throne. The princess seems to have settled down in the union, unlike the former King of Belgium, Albert II. To what extent can the former rulers live the life they want?

“The princess is still very involved, but especially in the things they do they love. She was recently at the Holland Dance Festival, since they have a huge ballet liefhebber. Here you can see full of enthusiasm for the dancers to come down,” says koningshuiskenner, and the Blue Blood they will host Jeroen soon.

“It’s not bad that she was still in the top, they can choose what they want,” Fast assures. “She’s not even a regular at the meetings, on Monday mornings, where the agenda and invitations to events will be discussed. It’s not human to be in your own house, and it seems that’s what most people visit, however, it’s very much to her liking.”

The Belgian koningshuisverslaggever of The Publication, Wim Dehandschutter, says that in Belgium the work was admired and the princess was still performed. “She is still always available and had a supporting role behind the king, Willem-Alexander, in the period after the succession to the throne,” he says. Dehandschutter will be interested to see how the princess always attended and enjoyed cultural events.

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one of the photos was of them posing with one of her dogs. In a world of differences with the Belgian royal family Dehandschutter, we mention the role of the princess in a world of differences with the way the former King Albert II was composed, after his son Philippe ascended the throne. He was, on July 21, 2013, king for three months, after Willem-Alexander was inaugurated.

“Where the princess is there, and her son is missing, Albert and his wife are good right out of public life. King Philip is actually not on father and mother at all, but to rely on,” he says, in a situation from the Belgian royal family.

“No, I’ll assume they have a lot to do, or a prominent place on the file. Albert was just under eighty when he came to the throne. However, you should think they must show their faces on our national holiday, if only to find out if they had a son. One day a year wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it was never published,” says a reporter from Lokalna novine.

According to the Belgian royaltywatcher, the relationship between father and son is not the best, and working with the former king and his heir is also on professional fees. That’s how it is in 2016, and that Albert is not happy about his pension of about 900,000 euros a year. In addition, he admitted this week that he was indeed the biological father of Delphine Boël, who claimed to be the daughter of the former king.

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“King. He couldn’t be more like his father and mother he can trust.” Wim Dehandschutter, koningshuisverslaggever in the country, the Royal Family, experiences the damage caused by such a scandal,’

finally, Dehandschutter claims that the former monarch can still cause great damage to the king, ” if the scandal comes to light. “The image of the royal family, but this is absolutely wrong. The old king admits, it is simply his flesh and blood. Maybe there is no income. The palace has always been considered the personal circumstances of the employee, but from what can I expect you to have a certain moral sense.”

“The citizens have to watch him become increasingly negative towards the crown, which He is, of course, a shame to meet. Eyes are on him and how he will deal with his half-sister, who suddenly has everything.”

Blue Blood will host as soon as expected, the impact of this on the Belgian royal family, however, will decrease. “It’s Delphine Albert’s daughter, it’s actually been an open secret for years. It doesn’t detract from how well He’s doing his job. I mean, the family is all made of quicksand, so he doesn’t necessarily look at his father’s actions.”

as King Philippe and his father Albert in succession to the throne in 2013 (Photo: BrunoPress).

“Nothing like Beatrix, a new lover, to have

after all, Dehandschutter claims that Albert and his wife, apart from the price, are hardly in the media and all the space to come back to life. “They benefit very well from the time they have spent for a while, and a lot of it in foreign countries. Here and there a paparazzi photo from a holiday in Italy, but they are out of sight of the camera.

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The Belgian koningshuisverslaggever think that Beatrix of the Netherlands, other choices were made, in part, because she is a widow. “As a married couple, you can enjoy old age, but it is, and it is, therefore, there is also an increased need to occupy yourself, and people will be the same.”

Quick, don’t believe that Beatrix is ​​very limited in her activities towards the public. “Of course, people recognize her, but she also runs, for example, in a car without tinted windows. That’s the focus, of course, although she’s gotten used to it all her life.”

She thinks, therefore, that there is room for a new love in her life, and if you should have a princess. “The possibility for the prosecutor in this case is certain, and it can only be that there is someone who was there who has feelings for you. It’s hard to judge, especially since there was a lot in the way. The Prince Claus fund, however, was really the love of her life, but I wouldn’t be surprised, I would be surprised if there was another man in her life.”

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