Pokémon TCG’s Rarest Pikachu Card Is Up On eBay, But It’s Not Cheap

one pokemon card gameThe rarest Pikachu cards are up for sale on eBay, but the prices may be out of reach for most fans. The popular trading card game features some of the most expensive cards on the collectible market, most of which are classic items with only a handful of prints available worldwide. The best example of this is the famous first edition Shadowless base set Charizard card, one of the most coveted cards in the set.

However, the rare Charizard card doesn’t get much attention.PSA 8 certified Pikachu illustration card from 1998, one of the rarest of all cards pokemon card gameHistory So Far, being auctioned exclusively on eBay by Pokemon Club Shangri-La. The bidding period runs from February 24th to March 6th at 5pm PST.This opening bid is one of the most expensive pokemon card game card, worth $480,000.

Pokémon TCG Pikachu illustration card sets sales record

Rare 1998 Pikachu Illustration pokemon card game The card is sold by Tomoya Ohno, owner of the Pokémon Club Shangri-La online store. While the initial bid was $480,000, the final purchase price could be higher depending on the winning bidder’s ambition to acquire the card. In 2021, a PSA 7-certified 1998 Pikachu illustration card sold on eBay for $375,000, setting a record for the most expensive pokemon card game The card was once sold on the site. If Ohno’s PSA 8 certified card actually sells, it will break that record.

However, the same copy pokemon card game The card was sold in a private purchase to Logan Paul in 2022 for an estimated $5,275,000, a record for the entire series. The Pikachu Art Card is one of the rarest cards in the game, as only 41 were released. Not only that, but these were distributed to the winners of the 1997 and 1998 Pokémon Illustration Contests. Therefore, it is impossible to get them through boosters or even promotions. Of the 41 Pikachu illustration cards, only 24 have been certified by the PSA, making them extremely rare among collectors.

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Pokémon TCG’s 1998 illustration of Pikachu is one of many rare cards

A PSA certified 1998 Pikachu illustration card with blurred card art background.

Pokémon card game Cards have always been popular, but have seen unprecedented success in recent years. In 2022, there will be more than 3,000 average searches for Pokémon cards on eBay alone. In regular retail stores in the US, booster boxes can sell out within minutes of being on the shelves due to: pokemon card game Scalpers are people who want to acquire rare cards and then sell them at a high price. While the Pikachu illustration card from 1998 wasn’t available to the general public, other rare cards could be obtained in each new series and then sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Taiichi Ohno’s rare 1998 Pikachu illustration is bound to set a new eBay card sales record, but it doesn’t have the potential to break global sales pokemon card game sales records. Its PSA certification is worse than the PSA 10 card Logan Paul bought, which means it probably won’t be purchased for more than $5 million.Nevertheless, certified pokemon card game The card is still worth a fortune and would be a breakout sale if successful.

Source: Pokemon Club Shangri-La/eBay, Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

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