‘Pirates of Hyderabad’: Pigeons steal grains from a moving vehicle and how

A video of a group of pigeons attacking and stealing grain from sacks in a moving vehicle is circulating on social networks. The video shared on Instagram garnered funny comments from netizens.

Pigeons steal grain from sacks on the vehicle. (Instagram/@shibustuff)

“Hyderabad pigeons are in a class of their own,” reads the caption written alongside the video shared on Instagram by user Shibani Mitra. The video opens to show Mitra facing the camera. As the video progresses, pigeons are seen attacking sacks of grain on a moving vehicle.

See how pigeons steal food from moving vehicles here:

Although the video was shared a long time ago, it is still gaining popularity on the Internet. It has garnered more than 1.2 million views and the numbers are still growing. Many even took to the comment section of this video to share their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted to this video:

“A grain-stealing car,” joked one individual.

Another added, “‘Meal attack’.”

“Customer: What do you mean you can’t identify the thief? Driver: Kaise bolu isse ki [How do I say this to her that]they all look the same,” shared a third.

A fourth wrote: “Pirates of Hyderabad”.

“Doves be like: modern problems require modern solutions,” commented a fifth.

A sixth echoed the customer’s sentiment and wrote: “Customer: Where is my other 5kg of rations?”

Earlier, a video of an elephant stealing sugar cane from a truck went viral on social media. The video shows an elephant standing on the side of the road honking its horn to stop a truck. In a few moments, the elephant steals a few sugar canes and continues to eat them. The same thing is repeated over and over again with other trucks carrying sugarcane.

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