Optical Illusion: Can you spot the ghost lurking among these people?

Here’s a new challenge for you. In this picture, which looks like a party, there is a ghost among the guests. The challenge is to find the spirit. Why is it challenging? This is because the ghost is well disguised and looks no different from the party guests (which fits the ghost stories we’ve heard). The ghost blends in perfectly with the people at the party and before it creates problems it is our task to find it.

Optical illusions can be fascinating and sometimes confusing visual phenomena that trick our brains into perceiving something differently than it actually is. In order to “solve” the optical illusion or better understand what is happening, you should take a moment to concentrate. Look at it carefully and try to identify the aspects that cause the illusion. Try to cover certain parts of the illusion with your hand or a piece of paper. This can help isolate the elements that contribute to the illusion and reveal how they work together to create the effect. Sometimes rapid blinking or squinting can affect how you perceive an optical illusion. Experiment with this to see if it changes your perception.

So sometimes it is challenging to try and sometimes it is so easy to solve. It all depends on how you see it and how quickly you take action. So find the ghost in this picture using these techniques. Did you find it? If not, here is the answer for you!

(Image credit: BrightSide)

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