One-Punch Man Just Proved Why It’s a Genius Manga With One Side-Story

Feather’s side story in One-Punch Man reminds fans that the series only takes a few pages to create engaging (and fun) characters.

Warning: Spoiler for One Punch Man Chapter 180man one punch Shows only its unique qualities as a manga series, with a seemingly unremarkable side story. While Saitama and Tatsumaki were arguing loudly, they crashed into a building and accidentally saved the A-rank hero Feather from danger. In just a few pages, man one punch Asking the reader to care enough about Feather and his circumstances sets the stage for this side story’s hilarious ending.

on the surface, man one punch Looks like an action-paced shounen manga that mixes superhero and comedy. In fact, it’s an essential part of the product and one of the reasons it’s successful. However, man one punchThe author of ONE is a master storyteller who has proven time and time again that he can make the story of a bald man battling monsters better. Most of the time, Saitama doesn’t even look like his own manga protagonist, as the story focuses on other characters, mostly professional heroes from the Hero Association.

Feather’s side story shows quality man one punch

Feather declares heroic climax in One Punch Man

Chapter 180 one punch comic Kick the habit and take it to the next level. Just as Chen Juan continues to test Saitama with his own strength, the most annoying thing is that the perspective of the story shifts to another hero that appears only once, the A-rank feather 34. To rescue a person women, the protagonist fights alone in the lair of the criminal gang Iron Fist, and is mortally wounded and desperate. Feather discovered that this was the woman of the gang boss, and he was tricked, but he frankly accepted and prepared to fight in “climax like a heroFeather’s heroic moment is ruined when Saitama and Tatsumaki storm the building and then take out all the criminals with ease.

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This brief scene is considered one of the best for fans who have read the webcomic, as it highlights several key qualities of the series. Although fans are used to man one punch Focusing on another character like Garou or Genos, Feather is clearly a completely unimportant supporting character in the overall story of the manga. His mini-adventures in this chapter are mostly for humorous effect, but it also showcases ONE’s ability to present characters and situations that, despite the lack of detail, are still unique. fake interest in them immediately. The previous four chapters of the series all opened with this shift in perspective and a few short stories, almost as if the authors wanted their readers not to focus on the brief battle between two of the men. most powerful in the world. Saitama and Tatsumaki, but about what’s going on around them.

Feather in One Punch Man was beaten by Saitama

This is exactly what makes man one punch Very good. ONE proved with its other series, Psychological crowd 100he is very good at portraying compelling characters and their emotions, which is not easy to do in a comedy setting. man one punch On top of that, it’s a melodramatic action comedy series whose characters ultimately set it apart from other similar productions, even if they’re just side characters that exist in time. as short as Feather or the iconic superhero team. man one punchbefore reality fell in the form of Saitama and Tatsumaki, Feather let the pages of his books shine and his dream of becoming a “main character” reminded him of his role as a comedian.

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