One Piece’s World Was Actually Saved By Zoro’s Mysterious Wano Relative

Anime One Piece Episode 1048 Spoiler As female The anime approaches some of the most epic moments of the Wano Raid season, with episode 1048 highlighting the significant sacrifice and one who may have a surprising connection to Roronoa Zoro. Much of the episode’s length is around Yamato fighting their father, Kaido, and reliving the memory of Oden’s execution and how it changed their lives forever. Witnessing a tragic moment, young Yamato undergoes a massive change, and his new behavior causes Kaido to lock them up along with some of Wano’s most powerful prisoners. In the end, these actions will save them A piece The world after many years.

The impression Oden made on young Yamato before his death was enough to inspire them to emulate the identity of one of Kaido’s greatest threats. femaleBecause of this, Yamato was sent to prison along with three of Wano’s most dangerous samurai and only had enough food for one person. One of the men, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, approached the child with his sword raised. When it plunged, the Son of Kaido was not only still breathing, but also had enough food to be provided, next to the carcass of a severed beetle. This action will save female world.

Three samurai make sure Yamato survives to fight Kaido

Ushimaru and his samurai not only chose to spare the children of their arch-enemies but also entrust Wano’s future to them. After reading Oden’s diary and Wano’s savior prophecy 20 years later, the three mighty swordsmen give all possible food and wisdom until they are set free rather than dying in the scene. detention. This option guarantees femaleYamato will return to fight Kaido after Luffy is thrown off the floating Onijima Island. Without Yamato’s presence, Kaido would have had a chance to kill his ally when Luffy recovered.

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The Shimotsuki clan saved countless lives in one piece

Three bandaged warriors sat in the cave, eyes dark circles.  One with blue hair, one with face paint, the other with a bun.

The blue-haired samurai not only impresses young Yamato, but his Zoro-like appearance is enough to make viewers wonder about Ushimaru’s relationship with the straw hat swordsman. femaleManga artist Eiichiro Oda addressed readers’ curiosity about Zoro’s origins in the SBS manga volume 101. While Oda confirmed that the former daimyo from the Ringo region of Wano was not Zoro’s father, he also confirmed that he was not Zoro’s father. made it clear that he wasn’t sure if he was Zoro’s father. will commit to revealing the lineage of the late samurai in the manga. He was not Sauron’s secret father, but female Theories still suggest that Ushimaru may be related to him in some way.

The origin of the Straw Hats remains a mystery to most of the world’s famous pirates. Chopper, Usopp and Sanji are the only members of the team to reveal their biological parents. Not every main character in the story can be the product of a certain legendary character femalerich history. However, Zoro’s remarkable swordsmanship and resemblance to members of the Kazuki clan in Kawano would be a fitting source. A piece The greatest swordsman ever.

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