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Sin is always the means by which we get there, as in Need for Speed. But are you ready for a change? Or when you are very careful, the attempt fails. In the world of Tycoon, you must be the strongest to survive. You are using the most brutal tricks to fight for power to frighten the enemy. Build a reputation for gaining approval from allies. What you sacrifice will surely pay off the most.

Need for Sin is an RPG strategy game recreated in the truest sense of the word. An image of a dark society, where crime and crime are frequent. To survive in such a society, we also need to adapt. Let players develop their own empire to become stronger. Total freedom to customize to your liking and find out what works for you. Everything will focus on the profit that you can bring. It’s like a battleground for influence.

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The first step to committing a crime is to build from the ground up. It helps if you find allies to build cooperation with. These allies will obey your orders and participate in great battles. It is best to move team members to logical areas. Make it possible for them to reach enemies close to them and qualify to attack. Just like that, you will go through each level until all are destroyed. Note that you can only use certain actions on your teammates in each round. Therefore, it is necessary to use it rationally to avoid adverse cases.

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50 heroes

The heroes in Need for Sin are diverse and have extraordinary abilities. These heroes are classified according to the main weapon they use. For example, we will have rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles. The fighting mechanism of each character is also completely different from it. You can arrange fire from the most suitable Phoenix members. Give them enough attack range to protect and support each other. Players can search for characters with high attributes to maximize the strength of the squad. Easily overcome the most difficult levels created to challenge players.

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60 trials

The missions are created based on the storyline the game wants to direct you to. It will start from the first step of the main character and progress step by step. Therefore, the difficulty also increases randomly and steadily as you progress. Requires you to advance and build stronger teams. With deadly weapons, the enemy’s embankment will become more and more dangerous. The mission will take you to the enemy’s new secret base. Can fight and show your courage and magic. Choices will be made to serve their best interests.

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ten maps

To increase the fun of the game, the above 60 levels will be divided into ten different maps. Each map is the base of operations of a group of organized crime. In these maps, there will be hidden and mobile locations with different designs. Create a variety of tactics that can be effectively applied to combat. For example, enemies can appear anywhere on the map and attack you directly. Help your team overcome the immediate obstacles and escape these pitfalls. The advantages of the terrain must not become a major threat to the Warriors. You can seek additional help.

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Characters become stronger as the resources you level up. The upgrades will include armor as well as the power of the bullets fired. Armor will have three levels of evolution, corresponding to three basic defense enhancements. First, the character will be better able to withstand the incessant bullets of the enemy. Next is ammunition will also have the highest three levels for you to improve its ability yourself. Ammo is the best option to deal massive damage to your target. Accumulating the necessary resources to level up requires a focus on the Ultimate Sins mod.

Download Need for Sin MOD APK for Android (Unlocked Video)

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