Nail shape reveals what attracts people to you

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Even our fingernails hold many details about our personality and in this quiz you will get to know different aspects of our way of life. All this in an unusual way, because you will have to recognize the shape of your nails. This personality test has become one of the most popular among users, because it is prepared by the same people who created tests like this “You will discover the truth about your relationship by choosing the happiest couple” and another one “it will help you to know if you are honest about the shape of your nose”. You have to follow the steps that I will leave you and you will know the result.

In the illustration, I will show you 8 options and you will have to choose the one that most closely resembles your nail shape. If absolutely necessary, I invite you to compare your fingers for a more accurate answer. Do not forget that you must not lie, because you will not get results.

Look at the picture and choose only one option

As I mentioned before, you’ll just have to make a choice to figure out what attracts the people around you. Once you have your answer, the next thing is to know what it means.

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PERSONALITY TEST | Just select the option and you will know the result.| Photo: Courtesy of

Explore the possibilities of a personality test

Nail 1: You are a happy and dreamer person. You like tough challenges and you will achieve your goals every day.

Nail 2: Despite life’s difficulties, you see the positive side of things and that makes you a valuable person.

Nail 3: You are a very emotional person so you get hurt easily. Don’t let them hurt you.

Cavlić 4: You enjoy being with your family and are not toxic at all. You are a sentimental person and this makes you unique or one-of-a-kind.

Nail 5: Some people have hurt you and that makes you suspicious. You may be a possessive person, but you tend to be very fair.

Nail 6: If there’s one word that defines you, it’s ‘toxicity’. You are burdened or burdened with negative emotions, you need to improve your way of life.

Nail 7: Life is not rosy, so do your best to progress. You love being the best or the best of them all.

Nail 8: You still have many goals to achieve in life and you are a kind-hearted person. You like the company and enjoy it to the fullest.

What happens when we get to know ourselves?

Getting to know each other is the first step in managing yourself. And if we have good self-control, we can understand others better; We are all peculiar and “very unique” and only by knowing the differences can we understand others.

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Since when are personality tests used?

The first personality tests were conducted in 1920 for the selection process of personnel, especially in the armed forces. Over time, they have changed to be used in different contexts, not only for employment but also for career options, relationships, etc. It is also helpful for self-awareness.

Find out what are the best benefits of personality tests

These are just some of the many benefits associated with personality tests, which is why they are used in fields as diverse as personnel selection or clinical psychology.

  • It helps to better understand others. Each person has their own way of interacting with the world around them and it is important to keep in mind that no personality type is better than another, but each has its own characteristics and must be given equal importance.
  • Help in personal relationships. These content can be more helpful for personal relationships than you think, because in this way you can understand some basic personality traits of the people around you, all of which will contribute to building stronger relationships with the people around you.
  • It contributes to the knowledge of likes and dislikes. With this kind of content, we can know what we like and don’t like, thereby gaining a better understanding of ourselves, which is essential for our own evolution as human beings.

Solve the quiz I show you in this video

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