Molly Dickson x Madewell denim collaboration: Where to get, price, and more details explored

The first product collaboration between Molly Dickson and Madewell turned out a creative coup. Believing in “The Perfect Jeans do exist”, Madewell is collaborating with celebrity stylist Molly Dickson on a new denim collection.

Recently, the venture of J.Crew, Madewell has gone through several transformations. By appointing Adrienne Lazarus as president, the denim-specialized brand tried to stable the situation. On August 3, at this time, the company announced its upcoming collaboration with Molly Dickson.

After working for a year, the capsule collection came to the Madewell stores on August 11. The sole aim behind this collaboration is to capture the new-age denim lover and no one can better do it but Molly. This 12-piece collection consists of nine denim outfits along with three cotton tank tops.

The price range lies between $82 and $178 and the plus size ranges are available too.

Madewell x Molly Dickson collaboration is a 12-piece collection

Molly Dickson, the celebrity stylist liberates her creative styling idea on several actresses such as Cami Mendes, Kelsea Ballerini, Lucy Hale, Sydney Sweeny, and the Stranger Things star Sadie Sink. Madewell believed Molly would be the ideal option for their new denim campaign because the stylist works with several modern-day celebrities.

With the idea of mingling timeless design and utility in a brand-new denim collection to attract young people, Madewell needed something fresh in the flux situation. The celebrity stylist came as the savior who did the denim campaign so well.

Madewell x Molly Dickson collection ( Image via Madewell)

More details on the Madewell x Molly Dickson denim collection

Madewell posted an Instagram reel featuring Molly showcasing styling tips with her cut-out jeans, through which the brand revealed the collaboration in this capsule collection.

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When the clothing brand provided all the creative leverage to Molly and wanted her to put out the best on the denim, she added an extra strap on the crotch of cargo jeans, inspired by Sadie Sank’s look.

The Denim Baggie Shorts ( image via Madewell)The Denim Baggie Shorts ( image via Madewell)

Apart from the Cargo jeans with a price tag of $178, another denim got a fresh look with a cutout appearance. For this pair of denim, an internet user commented that the particular pair of jeans is running out of pockets and Molly believed, it would be a chance to carry a cute handbag.

Inspired by the vintage oversized overalls, Molly wanted to have something alike in her collection and she added a belt for more feminine charm. The inclusion of baggy jeans shorts and micro mini skirts exhibits the diversity of the stylist’s creative mind.

Molly Dickson X Madewell capsule ( Image via Instagram/Madewell)Molly Dickson X Madewell capsule ( Image via Instagram/Madewell)

Molly was so fascinated with the shades of denim and wanted to garner them into one. She incorporated a dark-tinted waistline and light-shaded legs, which is reflected in the double waistband denim jean from her collection. The collection also has the dark-toned micro mini skirt which was the favorite of Cami Mendes.

The Cargo Jeans ( Image via Instagram/Madewell)The Cargo Jeans ( Image via Instagram/Madewell)

Apart from all those bottoms, Molly affixed some crop shirts, tops, denim bralettes, oversized jackets, and 3 cotton tank tops. All of them range between $82 and $150.

As a plus-sized fashion brand, Madewell also included a plus-size range in the capsule and all the collections are available in the Madewell store where the price starts from $82.

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