Micah Richards speaks out for first time after being filmed restraining Roy Keane’s ‘attacker’ at Arsenal match

MICAH Richards has broken his silence after pinning a man against the wall during Arsenal’s game against Manchester United.

The former Manchester City defender, 35, was seen grabbing a fan by the collar after Roy Keane was allegedly headbutted on Sunday.


Micah Richards is seen pinning a man against a wallGary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Micah Richards host The Rest Is Football podcast


Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Micah Richards host The Rest Is Football Podcast Credit: The Rest Is Football

The pair were making their way along the pitch ahead of the post-match analysis for Sky Sports Super Sunday when an altercation allegedly broke out.

Richards spoke about the incident today while recording The Rest Is Football podcast with Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

Striker Roy Keane has been exclusively exposed by The Sun

Lineker touched on the incident in a brief opening monologue, saying: “One of us had an interesting weekend, Micah, you’re in the news.”

But Richards replied: “Gary, I’m not allowed to talk about it.

“But when I’m allowed to talk about it. The Rest is Football will get it first.”

Shearer then mocked his co-host, replying: “I think the common sentiment is ‘don’t mess with the big microphones’.”

Lineker added: “In case some of you don’t know, there was an incident at Arsenal yesterday where someone allegedly headbutted Roy Keane and a certain Micah Richards got involved.

“We’ll get the full story at some point. It’s something we shouldn’t trivialize either, because obviously it’s a serious matter if fans start attacking people.

“We will wait for the police investigation to be completed before looking further into the story.”

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The trio also sang Rocky’s theme song during the first minute of the final episode.

Keane and Richards are understood to have been waiting near the lift in the members-only bar in the west stand of the Emirates Stadium.

They were descending from Sky Studios as the match reached its final stages.

But footage emerged last night showing Richards pinning a man against a wall after a fan allegedly attacked Keane.

Both pundits were later escorted to the field by security, and neither mentioned the incident while giving their opinions to the spectators after the game.

However, The Sun understands the couple are left shaken after the incident.

Sky is also now beefing up its security going forward.

Richards’ comments come after the Metropolitan Police confirmed today that a man has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

A spokesman said: “Police are investigating an incident at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, during which a man was assaulted.

“On Monday, a 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault (ABH).

“The man was taken to the police. Investigations are ongoing.”

Keane, meanwhile, used a jumper to hide his face as he broke through cover this morning.

Richards and Keane appeared together on Sky Sports Super Sunday


Richards and Keane appeared together on Sky Sports Super SundayCredit: Twitter @SkySportsPL

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