Meet Rachel Catudal, Brandon Quinn Wife! Bio, Age, Job

The American film and television actor Bandon Quinn has recently stood out for his role as Ronnie sweet magnolias which is streaming on Netflix and is based on the novels of the same name by Sherryl Woods. Ronnie’s character was first introduced to viewers in Season 1, but now he’s much bigger in Season 2 (renewed on February 4, 2022). Ronnie is the father of Annie (actress Anneliese Judge) who has an extremely complicated relationship with Annie’s mother, Dana Sue (actress Brooke Elliott). With that being said, let us tell you what Brandon Quinn’s off-screen life is like in the rest of this article which talks more about his wife Rachel Catudal.

Meet Rachel Catudal, Brandon Quinn’s wife

Brandon Quinn met his wife Rachel Catudal on set in Montreal, Canada. And since they’ve been together for over 22 years, it must have happened sometime around 1999.

Over the years, the couple have been surprisingly private on social media, though Brandon posted a recent photo of him and his wife together at the movies, for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic, for her birthday.

Also, on Rachel’s birthday in 2021, he wrote this wonderfully long but beautiful note to his wife with an excerpt that read: “Happy birthday to this… love of my life, my best friend and soul mate. 22 years and my love for you grows stronger and deeper every day.”

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Among other things, he called her an amazing person and that he is a better person because of her.

The family during the holidays back in 2016 (PHOTO: Instagram)

Rachel and Brandon are the proud parents of three young children: two daughters, Summer and Chloe, and a son named Ezra.

In the interview, Brandon mentioned that he got all his kids, including his daughters, interested in football because he’s a huge Broncos fan. Joking, he said that Rachel, who really dislikes sports, now has to put up with them even though she doesn’t like soccer.

Raquel Catudal Age

Rachel Catudal was reportedly born in 1980 and turned 41 in 2021.

Raquel Catudal Job

Rachel Catudal listed “Personal Trainer & Meal Planner” as her occupation on social media. (She and Brandon may have originally bonded over their shared love of fitness regimens.)

Furthermore, Rachel also played a receptionist in the 2001 sci-fi movie. change.

Is Rachel Catudal on Instagram?

That. Rachel Catudal can be found on Instagram. However, as of February 8, 2022, the @thedailyray account has been set to private with 451 posts and 934 followers. In her BIO, Rachel described herself as someone who is always ready to climb a mountain, eat well, sit in the sun, and be with the people she loves the most.

In addition, Rachel would also occasionally post on her Facebook ‘Rachel Swierenga’.

Has Rachel Catudal revealed her parents?

Rachel Catudal’s father is no longer living. He passed away before 2016 and Rachel paid tribute to him with this message on Facebook. “I thought about how he worried that we would forget him over time. I hope you know that when he died he became a part of me in a way that he never was when he was alive. There’s not a moment when I “remember” him, he really is always on my mind.”

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Remembering her father, Rachel also recounted how he took her out on a date when she was about 8 years old, to try a very special “grown-up” food. “It was a Big Mac and my first bite was my first memory of falling in love with how food made me feel.” She wrote this on her Facebook nearly 30 years after she experienced the same thing with her son Ezra, who bit down and let out an ‘Mmmmmmmmm.’

Also, Rachel’s mother, Susan Cole Catudal, used to go to Tottenham High Cross.

Adding even more fun to his life are his siblings, brother and sister.

Her younger brother, Phil Catudal, according to her, comes over and eats all her food. Still, Rachel says that having him around the house makes her life better. Phil, married to Aril Catudal, is the owner and founder of Trained by Phil and a former CEO of My Healtheats. He studied entrepreneurship (MBA) at Willamette University.

Then there’s Rachel’s sister, Steph Catudal Puzey, who is apparently married with two young daughters and is a professional adjunct professor at BYU–Hawaii.

Related FAQ

  • When is Raquel Catudal’s birthday?

Rachel Catudal’s birthday falls on May 11 every year, making her a Taurus.

  • Where is Raquel Catudal from?

Rachel Catudal hails from Montreal, in the southwestern part of the province of Quebec in Canada. Meanwhile, recently (2022), she was based in Burbank, California.

  • How tall is Raquel Catudal?

Rachel Catudal is under 5’5″ tall and allows her Aurora, Colorado native husband to tower over her at 6’1″.

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