Meet Dustin Zito, RGIP Star Victoria Zito Brother! Age, Job

The cast of Real Girls in Paris was new to reality TV. But between them, Victoria Zito already had a unique family connection to the former reality star: her brother, Dustin Zito.

So who is he? Scroll down to find out all about Victoria’s brother.

Meet Dustin Zito, brother of RGIP star Victoria Zito

Dustin Zito rose to stardom in 2011 as one of eight roommates on The Real World: Las Vegas. Appearing on season 25 of the MTV reality series, Victoria’s brother became romantically involved with Heather Marter, and the duo continued their relationship in the real world.

The following year, Dustin and his girlfriend, Heather, competed on season 22 of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. But sadly, they had to drop out of the series due to Dustin’s injury.

After reuniting, the duo reappeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy season 3 in 2013. There, they worked on their relationship issues.

Finally, the couple broke up for good after their stint on the VH1 series in 2014.

Around the same time, Dustin also allegedly reached under a woman’s dress without consent at a bar in Louisiana. After that, he resisted arrest, after which the police officers pepper-sprayed and beat him.

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Dustin was later charged with felony sexual assault, violently resisting a police officer, and disorderly conduct by public intoxication.

In 2015, Dustin then returned to the big screen (solo) competing in the second edition of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes with another ex, Jessica McCain. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the first episode after failing to win the “exiles” fights to get back into the competition.

After that, Dustin retired as a reality star.

Did you know: Dustin once appeared in gay porn.

Dustin Zito Age

Dustin Zito was 36 years old in 2022.

He is 10 years older than his sister Victoria Zito.

dustin zito work today

Today (as of 2022), Dustin Zito works as an “Assistant Sales Manager/Head Bike Hunter” at the VanMoof bicycle company.

He also works as a “fitness trainer” at Pe Strong (a gym he joined in 2015) and runs an Etsy shop called Derelicte Sk8 Deck Lamp, where he reuses skateboard decks and turns them into lamps with the help of a 3D printer.

Prior to that, he did “announcements all over Queens, NY.” at the US Census Bureau from June to October 2020.

Regarding his education, Dustin attended Rayne High School. He later earned a business degree from Lamar University.

How much is Dustin Zito’s net worth?

Dustin Zito net worth under $600K in 2022.

Is Dustin Zito married?

No, Dustin Zito is not married (2022). However, he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Tova Ioannucci.

The two began dating in 2017. Dustin later asked the love of his life to marry him on August 15, 2022.

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Sharing the happy news of their engagement, Tova took to her IG to write, “I’ll say this until I’m blue, anyone lucky enough to experience your light is lucky, but I’m definitely the most delighted! I can’t believe that.” and I can keep it all my life.”

And it was not the first time that Tova boasted of his love on social networks. He previously referred to Dustin as the holder of “the key to (his) heart of her,” the person who encouraged the “random ideas that sprang into (his) mind of her, and someone who shared her vulnerability with her.

Well, as for Dustin, he reciprocated the love by taking his boo on a fancy vacation.

On Tova’s birthday (meaning February 22) 2020, Dustin rented the “Little Boat” for the weekend!

Likewise, she even flew a plane alongside Tova over the Hudson and Manhattan skylines in 2017.

For those of you interested, Tova Ioannucci graduated from Stockton University and then worked as a Marketing Manager at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine for almost 4 1/2 years. She then joined Sono Bello as a cosmetic surgery consultant for 4 years and is now director of business development at BeautyFix Plastic Surgery.

Tova was born to her parents, Ivy D Ioannucci (born: October 1952) and Giancarlo A Ioannucci (born: March 1956).

Here is her FB @tova.ioannucci.

Dustin Zito’s height

Dustin Zito is under 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.

Mentioning his distinctive features, Dustin has an elongated face, brown eyes, and a ripped body.

Related FAQ

  • When is Dustin Zito’s birthday?

Dustin celebrates his birthday on May 1 and belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus.

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Wishing Dustin a happy birthday, his future wife, Tova, wrote on her FB: “I have always been so excited to celebrate you and the pure love you have for life! Thank you for another year of spontaneity, happiness and always remembering me. stop by and smell the roses. You have a lot to look forward to and I’m excited, excited to be a part of the ride!

  • Where does Dustin Zito live now?

Now, as of 2022, Dustin lives in New York, New York.

However, the boy is originally from Rayne, Louisiana.

  • Is Dustin Zito on Instagram and Facebook?

Find Dustin on Instagram @dustinjzito and Facebook @dustinzitoXXV.

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