Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Atorny, Biography, Harvard, Wiki, Age

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Attorney, Biography, Harvard, Wiki, Age

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Law, Biography, Harvard, Wiki, Age – Mr. Colangelo served as Executive Deputy Attorney General for Social Justice and General Counsel for Federal Programs in the New York State Attorney’s Office. He served as a distinguished faculty member at the Georgetown University Law Center, a special assistant to President Obama, and deputy director of the National Economic Council during the Obama administration.

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Lawyer, Biography, Harvard, Wiki, Age

In an effort to advance the investigation into the former president, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg hired a former senior Justice Department official who has experience prosecuting Donald J. Trump and his business. his family.

The official, Matthew Colangelo, who oversaw the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into Mr Trump before becoming a top Justice Department official, will likely oversee the attorney’s criminal investigation. county for the former president.

The recruitment represents the latest development in a lengthy investigation that has recently begun to match and commence. Cyrus R. Vance Jr., Bragg’s predecessor, ordered prosecutors to begin presenting evidence before he took office in January.

However, Mr. Bragg is beginning to wonder if the case is certain. When he informed Mark F. Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, the two lead prosecutors overseeing the investigation, that he was not ready to authorize charges, they abruptly resigned in February, raising suspicions. about the future of the investigation.

Mr. Bragg has argued that this is still happening, and in recent months his prosecutors, led by Susan Hoffinger, the head of the bureau’s investigation, have focused again on paying secret for a porn star who claims to have an affair with Mr. Trump. .

Colangelo’s work while working for the New York attorney general’s office could also be useful in his new position as Letitia James, the New York attorney general and Manhattan prosecutors investigating whether the former the system illegally inflated his net worth. In September, she filed a lawsuit against the former president, accusing him of significantly exaggerating the value of his fortune.

Before President Biden took office, Mr. Colangelo was appointed Acting Assistant Attorney General and was employed by the Department of Justice. Mr. Colangelo was involved, among other things, in managing the Civil Rights, Civil Rights, Antitrust and Taxation Divisions in that position, the third highest position in the department.

When Vanita Gupta was appointed permanent assistant to the attorney general, he resigned but retained her deputy and oversaw attorneys in those departments.

Colangelo, 48, who served as a senior Labor Department official during the Obama administration, will join the district attorney’s office as a senior adviser. It is expected to focus on housing and tenant protection, worker and employment protection, Mr Bragg’s priorities, while supporting “the most sensitive and high-level investigations”. .

In a statement announcing the hiring, Mr. Bragg said that Matthew Colangelo “brings a wealth of experience in economic justice combined with complex white-collar investigations, and he has the ability to make good judgments.” soundness and integrity necessary to achieve justice against people and organizations in power when they abuse their power.” .”

Merrick B. Garland, US attorney, said in a statement that he had depended on Mr. Colangelo’s “wise advice and extraordinary judgment” since his first day in office.

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