Manifest Theory Explains Why So Many People Disappeared Before Flight 828

Why are so many people missing? appear It can be explained by a new theory of divine consciousness. Reveal the apocalypse appear Part 4, Part 1 confirms the passenger’s purpose, but also sparks a lot of talk about the relationship with appear legend. Currently, there is no official explanation as to why these events occurred.

after what happened appear In the first ten episodes of the fourth season, the passengers finally understand why the divine consciousness caused Flight 828 to disappear in 2013. Apparently, a catastrophic volcanic disaster is approaching on the 2nd. June 2024 and it seems the passengers were destined to stop it. happen or find a way to survive when the time comes. This revelation serves as a blueprint appear Season 4, Part 2 poses new challenges and mysteries for passengers to overcome the challenges of the future.

Manifest apocalypse adds confusion to other disappearances

a question posed appear Part 4 deals with the events leading up to and after the disappearance of Flight 828. It has long been known that countless people have fallen victim to a similar phenomenon. Oddly enough, most of them couldn’t stop Armageddon 2024. For example, Al-Zuras and his crew disappeared in the 16th century. The deaths of three methamphetamine addicts occurred five years earlier. 2024. This shows that not all disappearances are created equal.

Season 4 of Manifest strongly hints that everything that happens to the main characters is doomsday-related, but if true, it would exacerbate the mystery associated with other disappearances with a timeline. Time does not match the end of the world. An exception is List of Noah’s ark, because what happened to it is related to another apocalyptic event, the Great Flood. But for Griffin, the meth addict, and others involved, their respective dates of death have nothing to do with the apocalyptic catastrophe, and there’s also no indication that it matches up with Alzuuras.

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List’s other disappearances may be related to the end of season four

On the list, Pete, Cory and Jess are arguing in front of their RV.

Excluding Noah’s ark, all disappearances are related to List of The story may have a secret connection to the apocalypse in 2024. There may be no personal reason why consciousness disappears; This single event may have been the driving force behind all of these events, even that of the Alzuras ship. It is possible that each of these situations makes a meaningful contribution to the main characters’ efforts in their own way.

In fact, the evidence suggests that these disappearances all involve passengers. Griffin’s fate created some necessary urgency by letting them know that their time was limited. The deaths of three meth addicts help Ben and Savy come up with a lifeboat theory, while Zeke pave the way for them to avert the apocalypse. By sacrificing himself to save Cal, Zeke ensures that the passengers’ greatest hopes of averting the apocalypse come true in what happens next. All three disappearances are significant because of the way they ended up helping the passengers on Flight 828, which they understand their place in the broader scheme of divine consciousness. appear.

As for Al-Zuras, he has never met passengers or personally impacted their journey, but can still make a huge impact. The artwork in his diary includes portraits of the passengers, supporting the idea that no matter how far apart they are on the journey. plane appear In the timeline, Al-Zuras’ purpose is to help the passengers prevent the apocalypse. What he recorded in his notes made the passengers aware of the scale of history they experienced in the sequence of events and reinforced some of the assertions they had made about the date of death and the lifeboat. .

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List theory makes Al-Zura’s fate all the more important

List of Part 2 Ships Calling Al-Zuras

the thoughts of all the others are gone appear Participating in the race to prevent the apocalypse makes it all the more important to unravel the mystery of Al-Zuras’ fate. His journals give them perspective, but the answers in his articles don’t lead to major improvements – not yet. This is mainly because their knowledge of his life is still very limited. TJ went to Egypt to learn more about him, but did not bring back any additional information. If they could find out what Al-Zuras did in the ten years before his death, they could uncover a secret that could help them stop Mount Ararat from erupting and causing the apocalypse. It may take centuries, but whatever Al-Zuras did in the 16th century may finally pay off.

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