MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.2.0 is a special online game that combines magic and building blocks. That’s right, there’s nothing but magic in this place. No guns or heavy combat weapons. There is nothing but magic on all fronts and all over the world. Prove yourself to be the strongest mage by eliminating players scattered in the world of If you are a fan of fantasy games, this game is definitely a good choice. But we should start from the basics first, it will be easier to adapt.

You can find any elements from other mythical games at Charismatic mage characters, ultimate weapons and a magical world await your mastery. Everything sounds familiar, nothing new. But there is something new and special, a unique blocky world. Seems to be inspired by the block game Minecraft. So you will have to fight in this blocky world with magic and magic only.

Download mod – When the magician appears in the arena

Control the mage of your choice with the large virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. The remaining right will be the attack button, nothing more. In case you are wondering why it is so easy, they are used to control and attack the target. That’s enough to allow a simple game to create its own sparkle and fun. There are many mages with different types of elemental powers. If in offline mode, choose anyone you like to fight through many levels. If you are online, you can contact other players. Of course, they are your opponents.

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Such a simple screen would make unpopular with players, but it backfired. The rapid increase in the number of players is very impressive. Everyone loves the feeling of clumsily moving. Manipulating skills and attacks to destroy your opponents is fun and refreshing. Even more magical when magicians can raise their power to many different levels. The real factor remains elusive, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. mod apk for free

There is an invincible hero

The number of heroes in is also enough for you to try them in many different battles. Then you can find your best face and focus on building that hero to the next level. Most of them are magicians, because this is the magical world. Each has different elemental magic power. This is reflected in the appearance and on-screen attack buttons during battle. Heroes have completely different stat profiles. You need to know each type of hero to function perfectly and smartly on the battlefield.

Choose from a variety of modes

Each map in corresponds to a different game mode. Of course, a mode can still be played on multiple maps. You can team up to hunt down enemies. Or go to the battlefield alone to become a champion. Choose the most engaging gameplay according to your gaming habits and skills. Of course, after your efforts, the game will not forget to encourage you with valuable gifts. The most important thing is to be able to play with friends and lovers. Reveal the greatest and most powerful collective magic. Infiltrate the chaotic mage front.

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Change weapon according to strength

What makes a mage’s symbolism is always a staff or spell book. Interestingly, both appear on and are both available in the store. Buy it with money earned from battles or a certain amount of diamonds. Iconic weapons that will take your hero power to the next level. Significantly increases damage and effectiveness in battle. Don’t waste money when you have to spend money to buy weapons for your hero, he will make you more money than he will. What if you have special skills and talents. mod for free

Fight with others or any enemy you love. has it all. You can play the game online or offline either way as long as you have a smartphone. Let’s create the scariest and most dangerous magic battlefield in the world. Move in the cube world with great power. mods will be a standalone product that brings passion and excitement to magic lovers.

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