Lynn Patridge- All About The Mother Of Famous Actress Audrina Patridge

Lynn Patridge is the mother of Audrina Patridge, an American television personality, model and actress.

Quick Info

First and last name Lynn Patridge
Name Sacred
Surname nanny
Job famous mother
Nationality American
Hometown USA
gender identity Women
sexual orientation Straight
Marital status Married
Husband mark partridge
Number of children 4
Wedding day 26, 1985

The life of a couple

Lynn has been married to Mark Patridge since January 26, 1985. Her husband works as an engineer for their family business, manufacturing mechanical parts for large corporations that can be used in everything from planes to Disneyland attractions. She is also a television personality, known for her role on the reality show Audrina. Samantha, Casey, Audrina and Mark Patridge are their four children. Lynn has been married to her husband for 38 years and they are still going strong.

Her profanity quickly went viral.

Audrina Patridge and her professional co-star Tony Dovolani are the sixth couple to be dropped from season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Like her daughter, she did not take her daughter’s removal lightly. She filmed herself shouting obscenities in front of Beso. Patridge shouted angrily that her baby was going to the next level and that she was so proud of her daughter. She was also spotted mocking her daughter’s former The Hills co-stars, especially Lauren Conrad, calling her a bit of a fashionista.

While Lynn later apologized, her daughter also spoke out about her mother’s outburst, claiming that her mother had a bit of a problem with the paparazzi and needed to correct it immediately. She said she wanted to give her an opportunity to express her feelings about the event. Sadie, her granddaughter, tragically died when she was just 15 years old. Sadie Raine Loza, her niece, passed away when she was just 15 years old. Casie and her ex-fiance Aaron Hershman have a daughter, Sadie. She is currently married to Kyle Loza, an FMX racer, with whom she has two sons, Sam Draven and Vallon Loza.

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Sadie’s mother Casie revealed her daughter’s death on Instagram, saying:

“Sadie Raine has gone to heaven. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to accomplish.”

Similarly, Audrina pays tribute to her beloved niece by posting a set of photos of Sadie over the years. She speaks,

“Writing this breaks my heart. My lovely niece is in a better place now. I know it’s not forever, but this has been the hardest breakup so far. .”

Audrina opens up about her unhealthy relationship with her ex-husband.

Audrina kept quiet for years until she revealed personal details of her toxic relationship with ex-husband Corey Bohan on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast to discuss the book Choices: To the Her Hills and Back Again, in which she reveals the pain she endured. She describes how to write the book while going through a tragedy that has brought her down several times. Audrina and Corey initially met through an acquaintance. At the time, she was having ups and downs with Justin and was looking for someone reputable and respected in her field as well as someone who had her own set of things.

When she started hanging out with him, she knew he was unique and he gave her a completely different feeling than the others she had met up until that point. They started dating in 2008, but soon Audrina started receiving disturbing messages from her followers saying he was at the barn that night hanging out with friends and every time When she approached them, he thought it was a lie.

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So she believes him, but the texting continues. It’s been a romance that’s been on repeat for years since she’s filmed or traveled. Eventually, she begins to see evidence of what her followers have said before, when she respects people because she wants to be loved and adored by him. She remembered that she wanted it to turn on. Corey then forced her to delete her social media accounts and would constantly go through her text chats.

Lynn Patridge

He wouldn’t let her talk or go anywhere, and she couldn’t even go out on a ladies night without smoking all the time because he would accuse her of cheating. The accusations of adultery against her never stopped. She was used to Corey standing next to her in the middle of the night, growling, calling her name and swearing at everything. And she wants to hide it from family and friends because she thinks it’s embarrassing and disgusting. The accusations continued until she became pregnant with their first child.

It was the biggest day of their lives as their daughter Kirra was born on June 24, 2016 and Corey was also overjoyed to be a father and starting a new chapter in their lives. They married in November of the same year, but their marriage was short-lived as things began to deteriorate.


Things turned tense when she saw Corey partying with friends while their 5-month-old baby Kirra was screaming alone upstairs. Things then spiraled out of control when he shoved her while she was holding their baby. And at that moment, her family got involved, and so did the police. She filed for divorce from Corey and issued a restraining order against him in September 2017 because she knew he wouldn’t change after so many chances. It was difficult for her, but she finally found the courage to keep praying and doing what was right for her child. In December 2018, their divorce was finalized.

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net value

Her net worth is still being calculated. The net worth of her daughter Audrina is unknown. Audrina has a net worth of $5 million, which she amassed through her successful career in show business.

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