'Local authorities are the millions lost to the inhabitants of that PROPERTY-the value challenge'

Municipalities and belastingsamenwerkingen, in 2019, lost the record for the population, which is a REAL increase in the value of their home, aanvochten,

Municipalities and belastingsamenwerkingen lost a record for the population in 2019, which is a REAL increase in the value of their home, aanvochten, through these, established companies, it was shown on Saturday from research by RTL Vijesti. The Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) estimates that the reimbursable costs will be up to 10 million euros. Churches warn that the increasing costs are reflected in local taxes.

The value of the PROPERTY is of interest to the owners of residential properties, because the amount of tax is determined based on it. Residents are free to lodge an objection with the council or belastingsamenwerkingen when they see the REAL value of the house, which needs to be found. When a resident goes to court, there are costs associated with: 45 euro fee.

In order to make this step easier, special companies were founded that under the guise of ‘no cure, no pay, no solution, no charge) defend their rights in court on behalf of citizens. If they sue and win, the companies must pay legal costs of up to £1,500 to the council. The native himself will get a small tax benefit from it.

local authorities are not happy with these jobs because the costs of the procedure can add up well. “The number of hours these companies work is not proportional to the compensation,” the city of Almere responded to Breaking News. Local authorities warn that costs will be included in the assessment.

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The total cost of the belastingsamenwerkingen was approximately 5.7 million euros, according to breaking news based on the survey. It is estimated that VNG has been freed a total amount of more than 10 million euros.

Date of update: February 1, 2020, 11:00 AM

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