Kristen Vaganos Age: How Old Is She? General Hospital Cast Member Wiki

Fans are intrigued about Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia and biography now that she has been recast as New Molly on General Hospital. Kristen Vaganos is an actress, writer and producer based in Los Angeles. She earned a degree in drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has worked on several film and television productions.

Kristen Vaganos Biography and Wikipedia

Kristen Vaganos is a multi-dimensional entertainment star known for her work as an actress, writer and producer. Her outstanding acting career includes a stunning performance as the eponymous character ‘Lisa’ in the suspenseful revenge thriller I Am Lisa, directed by horror veteran Patrick Rea. The film, which is available to stream, rent or buy for free, has garnered a lot of attention and is even getting a sequel.

Kristen’s ability is also seen in the dance thriller “Obsessed with the Nanny”, in which she plays the nanny Elaine. This thriller is currently available to watch on Hulu. Kristen’s versatility extends to television, where she appeared in WongFu’s rom-com series “Dating After College” and is a regular on Amazon Prime’s “Bulge Bracket.” She has also dabbled in comedy, appearing as a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Parliament improvisational ensemble. Vaganos plays Molly in the famous soap opera “GENERAL HOSPITAL”.

In the September 27, 2023 episode of the program, this casting choice stunned the audience. Molly’s role has been replaced three times since May. The character, first introduced as Molly Lansing-Davis in 2005, has been played by numerous actors, most recently Kristen Vaganos. Molly was a pre-teen in 2009 when Haley Pullos took over the role. Molly was briefly replaced by Holiday Mia Kriegel after Pullos’ legal difficulties and closure in May. Brooke Anne Smith took over the role of Molly in July, following Kriegel’s departure. Smith’s appointment was intended to be a “permanent” addition to the program, but was met with criticism from fans who believed she was too old to play the role appropriately.

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Kristen Vaganos Age: How Old Is New Molly Recast Kristen Vaganos?

Kristen Vaganos, the extraordinary actress who just took over the character of Molly in the long-running soap opera “GENERAL HOSPITAL”, is 27 years old in 2023; she was born in the United States on May 7, 1996. This was Molly’s third recast since May, adding a new and youthful vitality to the role. Kristen’s youthful age gives a fresh perspective to her portrayal of Molly Lansing-Davis, a character who has been a regular on “GENERAL HOSPITAL” since its inception in 2005. Kristen’s involvement fits the developmental nature of the show’s plot, which has seen the character grow from a child to a young adult.

Kristen Vaganos

However, casting problems arose when Brooke Anne Smith, an actress in her late 30s, was introduced as a “permanent” replacement for the character. This sparked debate among viewers who believed that the age difference did not match Molly’s character development. “GENERAL HOSPITAL” fans are excited to see how Kristen Vaganos, 27, will bring new depth to Molly Lansing-Davis’ story as it progresses. Her young enthusiasm and acting skills promise viewers and avid fans of the soap opera an interesting journey.

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