Kourtney Kardashian Speaks Out On The Gummy Controversy After Receiving Backlash 

Kourtney Kardashian was recently in trouble after introducing a new pineapple gum under her vitamin and supplement company, Lemme Purr. According to the reality star, the candy is designed to improve probiotic health and increase pH by enhancing the freshness and flavor of the v*gin. The KUWTK alumnus posted a promotional video for the gum on Instagram. Her company blends “real pineapple and vitamin C with the power of clinically tested SNZ 1969TM probiotics to improve vaginal health and a pH that enhances freshness and flavor,” she says. he said.

Kardashian can be seen in the video sleeping on the floor, surrounded by CGI cats, while chewing pineapple yellow gum. Some social media users criticized the media star for her current business venture shortly after it was announced. Twitter user @/GrammaToody criticized Kourtney Kardashian for allegedly promoting the notion that natural women are “not good enough”, calling the Kardashians “money fools”:

Kourtney Kardashian started her wellness career after starting the blog Poosh in 2019, then last year released a line of health supplements called Lemme. The controversial gummies are the latest addition to her vitamin supplement brand, which will be available on Valentine’s Day.

Experts criticize Kourtney Kardashian’s latest chewing gum launch.

Kourtney Kardashian’s wellness gum was immediately criticized on social media, with some women’s health experts advising against their use. Melanie Bone, obstetrician and board member of Daya, a gynecological health research and development company, cautions should be exercised when using artificial objects that are important to women’s health. female:

“Brands should not try to promote false anxieties against women and AFAB [assigned female at birth] People.”

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She goes on to say that while Lemme Purr gummies contain probiotics, which help promote healthy organ flora, substances like pineapple extract are “less reliable”:

“There is no clinical evidence that you can or should change the taste of your vagina.”

According to the doctor, the use of antibacterial scented sprays and showers is not necessary because the female genitals have the ability to “clean themselves”:

“The pH balance in your vagina, whether acidic or basic, is the key to determining if the vagina is healthy. These scented items can disrupt the normal pH. around 4.5 uv*gini, which increases the risk of infection, so you should avoid using them.”

Dr Anita Mitra, a gynecologist in London and a PhD in ovarian microbiome research, also took to social media to explain why she shouldn’t buy human-approved probiotics. famous endorsement. Probiotics, she claims, are “not a panacea” and that the terms “probiotics” and “microbiome” are more than just “cool marketing jargon”.

Dr. Mitra goes on to say that there is no scientific evidence that all probiotics are necessary:

“Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.”

She went on to say that while there are other probiotics available, she wouldn’t prescribe the one recommended by Kourtney Kardashian’s brand:

“The marketing of this tire claims to be ‘clinically tested.’ Spoiler alert: this probiotic has not been extensively studied for vaginal health. There are several others that have been noticed. more.”

The doctor also urges women to seek the advice of a medical professional, not a celebrity, for their concerns. Mitra also said she believes Kardashian’s merchandise is “anti-feminist”:

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“It is anti-feminist. Anyone who recommends changing the taste or smell of your vulva or vagina is advocating patriarchy. And speaking of which, let’s stop referencing our anatomy with cat emojis.

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Dr Mitra also discussed the tire with the Daily Mail, calling the product “problematic”:

“That’s pretty hard. I appreciate that the celebrity in question isn’t familiar with the science of vaginal health and probiotics. In 2023, however, it’s not fun to witness one. Women put other women to shame when buying a product by suggesting they improve the smell and taste of their v*gina.

Dr. Brooke Vandermole, an obstetrician and gynecologist known for sharing her opinion on women’s health on her social media, also told the paper that Kardashian’s claims that the gum is being used by the family members of the public health aim is “without any basis”.

“There is no reliable scientific evidence that consuming probiotics has any positive effects on a healthy person – someone without repeated illnesses.”

She says probiotics can include “any number of different bacteria” and we don’t know if the bacteria in Kourtney Kardashian’s supplements have “been evaluated and shown any any effect or not, or if taken orally, will even cause v*gina.”

Dr. Vandermole also rejects the premise that pineapple marshmallows can improve “freshness, smell and taste”:

“Every vagina has a unique smell and taste, which varies depending on your menstrual cycle, activity habits and diet. The smell of discharge is important to vaginal function because it indicates fertility. good balance of bacteria in the vaginal microbiome.”

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Vandermole, Kardashian’s merchandise is “inappropriate for women and anti-feminist”:

“It’s purely patriarchal and anti-feminist to insinuate that v*gins are dirty or unhygienic because their natural smell doesn’t match the ideals held by the mainstream media ip*rn. “

She also said Kourtney Kardashian’s gum ads were “rude and vulgar”, suggesting that the developer was more concerned with “perceptions of people interacting with v*gin owners” than customers.

Kourtney kardashian

According to the doctor, the ad led to the “objectification of women” and turned them into “sex objects” by “depersonalizing them from their genitals.”

Vandermole went on to say that celebrity endorsements are a “risky area” as there is “very little control” over the quality of the items and what they claim to be able to do for customers.

“Some businesses are not subject to the same types of testing as drugs, so it is impossible to say how much research has gone into substances including supplements and probiotics. Celebrities often don’t understand the true value of items and will connect with products because they appreciate marketing.”

As comments online continue to pour in, it remains unclear whether Kourtney Kardashian will respond to the backlash over her product and continued criticism in the coming days.

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