Kidney pin: Why you should also other parts of the cow to eat

How do you attach to the kidneys? You do not know? I didn’t know until I was Anthony Bourdain’s lass, writer chef, adventurer, and later television entertainer. Like him

How do you attach to the kidneys? You do not know? I didn’t know until I was Anthony Bourdain’s lass, writer chef, adventurer, and later television entertainer. As he took in the summer on the edge of production in the Alsace region, life, made chefs-world is affected. Can’t leave the boring kitchen bench in the kitchen? Did he fly around the world? He had the most interesting people as guests? Even Barack Obama? As a chef, Bourdain was somewhat innovative, but he could write, with a flair for the grotesque, combining the funny with the gray seeds.

With him, so I read the pin from the kidney, the cut, is estimated in France and Onglet is called in English Hanger Steak. With us, it comes in a sausage. My butcher was suspicious when I asked him to get me kidney cones from several cattle. In the pan of the mother, I had to swear to him that every crust has a muscle of this Name. From nature! Safe as a rooster. Skeptical, the man went to the slaughterhouse and returned full of success.

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So follow me, and I for the mention of Nieranzapfen you want a roast or barbecue – à la Bourdain – can arise in the procurement of goods is really a problem. You order meat and meet your butcher. No idea about cutting? He is helpful, he will support you on your way to learn something new? Or does he see problems? You educate your butcher. Renal fat is coarsely fibrous, along the central structured parallel muscle tendon. Between the kidneys, it has its seat, which is communicated, but in terms of taste. It belongs to a short fried breakfast and is wonderfully baked outside on the grill in the summer, and on the grill pan in the winter.

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I was recently invited to the house of very nice people for a barbecue. They bought good meat, it can be clean, the kind that came from the butcher’s on the grill and seasoned it on the plate. You can do it. You do not have to. I recommend grilling the meat, especially if it’s only for a short time, and marinating or seasoning it a little before that. It does not make much effort, awarded Nerobet, but more complex, the nature of the meat rises, the taste.

Ingredients for four people

For our dish we need 2 kidney cones, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 1 finger long piece of ginger, soy sauce, mustard (grainy), good baguette bread, rocket (or even better watercress, if available), sun-dried tomatoes , salt, oil, butter, pepper and lemon (or aceto balsamico).

Clean the kidney fat from the butcher’s shop, so clean of all fat and all connective tissue. Kidney fat is a leaner cut.

The muscle contains a central undoubtedly tendon. The meat is cut, so that two solid, rough, fibrous strands of meat are obtained from the front – for the two kidney cones, so that they make four strands.

The meat is thin on the side and it doesn’t matter if you rub something. From the thin side to the thick side, the meat is deep, but not cut (with a sharp knife; see box). He still has to hold himself together! Successfully cut, we fold it like a book and give the meat with a fist. Voilà, we now have four dark red, coarse-grained, lean muscle meats.

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we want to further flavor it a little. Press the cloves of garlic and mix with grated fresh ginger (about equal parts) with about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of mustard, cover the meat completely with transparent foil and leave to marinate for several hours – preferably overnight.

4 Baguette-cut the bread in half and chop a large part into crumbs herauspulen. The halves of the pastry are toasted. Wash and harvest arugula (or watercress). Drain the sun-dried tomatoes in oil and place them on a kitchen rolling pin to degrease them (actually, on the contrary, coat the sun-dried tomatoes with a little wine and moisten them).

obituary-Food-Blogger death of Anthony Bourdain Stevan Paul: “There is a very big”

it goes into the oven at 60-80 degrees to warm up. Marinade meat and sticky marinade with the back of a knife in half Peel the meat with salt and no more than two Flat not all at once, so that the heat drops to high – in a very hot oiled iron grill pan, grill it for 2-3 minutes on each side ovens to stay warm; with other steaks, such as the procedure.

Baguette rolls the second time, frying, thin with a stripe of mustard, a tomato insert, then arugula or watercress in one layer, put the meat on it, season with pepper and a little lemon or balsamic, another pastry spread with butter in half, press the sandwich on the board with a sharp knife to cut and serve. This strong red wine.

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Not quite as entertaining as Anthony Bourdain, but from the deep knowledge of Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth, 88, Paul, a convert, former mass butcher and founder of the Herta sausage company. In his more mature years, he founded the Herrmannsdorfer Country workshops, and in 1998, at first in self-publishing, “The Book of Good Meat”. It contains accurate descriptions of all cuts, with which the German butcher is not often familiar. That’s this book today, Zabert Sandmann. He’s good.

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