Katy Perry’s chilling nickname for Russell Brand revealed by Piers Morgan who says comic was ‘thrilled’ by moniker

KATY Perry’s creepy nickname for Russell Brand has been revealed by Piers Morgan.

A Sun columnist last night recalled how the disgraced comedian was “delighted” by the nickname.


Russell Brand and Katy Perry at the premiere during their marriage Credit: GettyBrand appeared in Piers Morgan's Life Stories in 2011


Brand featured in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 2011. Credit: Rex

During the interview, Morgan offered Brando insight into the conversations he had with his pop star ex-wife.

Perry, now 38, called her ex-husband Rasputin – who is known as “Russia’s greatest love machine”.

Rasputin, whose name means “debauchee” in Russian, was known for seducing women.

He was very influential at the Russian court in the 1900s, when he was said to have helped cure a son of the royal family who suffered from hemophilia.

Morgan later told Brando that his ex had given him the label, which the comedian was reportedly “thrilled” about.

Perry’s 14-month marriage to Brand fell apart in 2012, a time Brand previously described as “chaotic”.


The columnist said he tried to interview Perry in 2013 at a Vanity Fair party in Washington DC.

The star said she wasn’t ready yet, before adding: “Because you’re going to get the truth out of me and I’m just not ready to tell you the truth. In fact, I’m not sure I’m ready to tell myself the truth.

“You Brits are all the same, so damn self-righteous… The problem is I find it overwhelming. I love the British… Well, not all of them—not Rasputin, obviously.”

Perry has never spoken about why the marriage ended.

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Perry told Vogue earlier this month, “I felt a lot of responsibility that it ended, but then I found out the real truth, which I can’t necessarily reveal because I keep it locked away in my safe for rainy days.”

Morgan said Brand was thrilled to discover the nickname.

Brand said: “He was a pretty powerful guy, he could manipulate people with his eyes.

“I like Rasputin…he was alright, wasn’t he…a crazy monk with magical, mystical powers, arguing with everyone, drinking and fighting.”

Rasputin, who allegedly had healing talents, was invited to the royal court in St. Petersburg in 1905, when high society was interested in mysticism.

About two years later, he was invited to the palace of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra when their son, who had hemophilia, was bleeding uncontrollably.

It was said that he eased the child’s suffering.

Rasputin then claimed that the future of both the child and the dynasty was tied to him.

Outside the court, Rasputin preached that sex with him had a healing effect.

The Emperor refused to believe any of his accusers and they were banished to the far reaches of the Empire.

He was expelled in 1911, but Alexandra welcomed him back just a few months later, and all further accusations were ignored.

He was rumored to be Alexandra’s lover and actually ruled the country when Nicholas left to lead the forces in World War I.

He was killed in 1916.

It comes as four women have accused Brando of rape and sexual assault between 2006 and 2013 – at the height of his fame.

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The women spoke to The Times, Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches as part of a joint investigation into the allegations.

On Monday, another woman came forward to The Sun and alleged Brand stalked her down the street asking for sex.

Brand (48) denies all accusations, insisting that his sexual relations were always consensual.

Meanwhile, Fearne Cotton unfollowed Brando on Instagram despite calling his wife Laura his “best friend”.

And Lorraine Kelly recalled Brand calling her a “slut” during an “obnoxious” appearance on The Graham Norton Show in 2007.

She said: “I interviewed him a lot during that time when he was in the public eye.

“Usually I get the charming Russell the flirtatious Russell, but I’ve been doing this a long time and I’d like to think there might have been a bit of respect. Even though this happened.”

She then played a clip of her and Brando on the show where he is seen touching her leg.

He then said: “Oh my God, you’re wearing braces. I’ve been in other movies but none of that matters now, I know Lorraine Kelly is the real deal.”

YouTube suspended ads on Brando’s channel following the allegations – for “breaching our creator responsibility rules” – potentially losing £1m a year in earnings.

The BBC and Channel 4 also revealed they had pulled episodes and podcasts featuring the 48-year-old from their sites.

Episodes of Big Brother, Bake Off and QI have been removed years after they were first uploaded.

In one episode of Bake Off, Brand joked about his drug use.

Perry's 14-month marriage to Brand fell apart in 2012, a time Brand previously described as 'chaotic'


Perry’s 14-month marriage to Brand fell apart in 2012, a time Brand previously described as ‘chaotic’Credit: GettyPiers recalls interviewing Brando and asking him if he was a 'sexual predator'

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Piers recalls interviewing Brando and asking him if he was a ‘sexual predator’ Credit: RexIn 2006, Piers interviewed Brando for GQ magazine in a London cafe


Piers interviewed Brando for GQ magazine in a London cafe in 2006. Credit: Getty

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