Justice League’s Raunchiest Couple Redefines Superhero Weaknesses

One of the most hilarious scenes in “Justice League” focuses on what a hero’s weakness actually means. Martian Manhunter’s flirtations with teammates suggest that the hero’s weaknesses might actually be very attractive to him.

If superheroes didn’t have weaknesses in some form or way, they wouldn’t be the superheroes they are today. Superman has radioactive debris from his home planet in the form of kryptonite. With Absolute Zero causing a complete cessation of movement, The Flash is rendered helpless. Even the mighty Green Lantern has shown vulnerability to yellow in the past. Weaknesses make characters more well-rounded and increase the risk of their adventures. If the villain knows how to exploit the hero’s Achilles’ heel, they are in the perfect position to eliminate the hero. Some heroes may have more obvious flaws than others, but almost superheroes have something that can hurt them.

Namely, a hero who seems to get away with his weaknesses by pairing them up with the most unlikely sidekicks fans can imagine.exist Human Goal #5 Created by Tom King and Greg Smallwood, the eponymous characters are continuing the Justice League International’s investigation to see who was responsible for poisoning Christopher Chance. Chance and his new love interest, JLI member Ice, dine with the Martian Manhunter. However, Jon is ready for the encounter and begins to conduct a psychic interrogation of Christopher. What the Martian Manhunter didn’t expect was that Chance had trained himself to defend against telepathic attacks. The two begin to get to know each other deeply. Just as Jon saw opportunity in his backstory, Human Target saw Martian Manhunter’s personal life, including several hookups between him and his Justice League International teammate Fire.

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A Justice League member reveals that even heroes have quirks

It’s obviously a little odd that Martian Manhunter would date someone who specializes in fire, since fire is his greatest weakness. But interestingly, this is actually the second Heat-based hero he’s seen romantically, as Jon had a brief romance with Flame Generator Joachim. This seems to indicate that Jon is inexplicably attracted to people who specialize in the things he hates most. Jon’s weakness has been reworked many times over the years, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Martian Manhunter’s vulnerability to fire can sometimes actually damage him physically, or just affect him mentally. But Martian Manhunter’s many hookups with his fire lover show that the Manhunter’s true weakness is physical, and that fire is actually irresistible to Jon. At least, when it’s presented in a form that he personally finds attractive. Jon doesn’t have many long-term love interests, probably because he knows he’s fallen into the hands of someone who can turn him to ash. It’s a little spicier than one might think for the members of the Justice League, but history seems to paint a pretty clear picture for Martian Manhunter.

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