Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Josuke/Hol Horse Spinoff Gets Release Date

previously announced jojo’s strange adventure The spinoff starring Jousuke Higashika from season 4 and Hol Horse from season 3 finally has a release date, setting up a solid month for fans of the series.

After part eight jojo’s strange adventure, Joe JolyonIn August, several upcoming projects in the series were announced. Part IX, currently known only as Joe Jolanbegins after a short break, and is based on a season 6 takeoff, rocky sea, was recently revealed in December as a premiere event for the anime adaptation of the same name. Another project announced at the same time is the spin-off series ” Crazy Diamond’s Heart Attackbut no release date for the series has been provided as of now.

Crazy Diamond’s Heart Attack Will be first published on cover day January 2022 super dancea monthly magazine teen dance old family jojo’s strange adventure Since 2004. The same issue will contain the above rocky sea One hit, double dose for the fans jojo While they wait for season 9 to begin. Crazy Diamond’s Heart Attack The author of the work is Kohei Tsunono, who previously wrote a light novel set in Japan. jojo the universe according to golden wind“Pannacotta Fugo” by Karasuma Tasuku, the author of the completed manga life without guns. This will be the first major spin-off manga not written by series creator Hirohiko Araki, although it’s unclear how long it will last.


It is said that the spin-off movie is set before season 4, Diamonds are indestructiblestarring Josuke, set in 1999. Hol Horse first appeared in Season 3, crusadersA frequent villain and Dio’s henchman, he won over fans with his silliness and became one of the few surviving villains of the role. Holma has a cowboy gimmick, and his replacement emperor is a gun that can be summoned from nowhere and affects the path of a bullet. While Josuke is still a child in this time frame, Hall Howth is already an adult and American-looking man, making meeting between the two a particularly eerie scenario. . stardust crusaders, Hall Hawes is seen in hospital recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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In previous interviews, Araki has said that he considered adding Hallhouse to League of Legends, but ultimately decided against it. Despite this, the character is still popular enough to appear multiple times and become one of the most memorable faces of the third season. Crazy Diamond’s Heart Attack At this point unknown, the idea could be scrapped and brought up again, with Holma and Josuke on the same side in whatever conflict is at the heart of the spin-off. The idea seems to have been brewed for quite some time, with Kadono first mentioning the project with this title in 2013, saying he was “buying the rights” at the time. Kakuno also said that this will be the work that Nobuyoshi Araki does without interference, so the success of this work jojo’s strange adventure The story will be entirely up to him.

The English version is yet to be officially confirmed.

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