Joel’s Love For Ellie In Last Of Us Finale Ending Leaves Everyone Shellshocked

Here are the revelations for The Last of Us season 1 finale!

Joel’s Unconditional Love for Ellie on HBO the last survivor The season 1 finale left fans stunned. While searching for the Firefly Hospital in Salt Lake City, Joel and Ellie are ambushed by members of the Revolutionary faction, rendering Joel unconscious. He wakes up in the hospital to find himself protected by Firefly leader Marlene and a squad of her soldiers. After she tells Joel that Ellie will undergo surgery, which will kill her but potentially save the world, Joel kills anyone who gets in his way to save her from death.

follow in the footsteps of HBO the last survivor During the season 1 finale, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Joel’s love for Ellie during the episode’s heartbreaking finale. Viewers are deeply saddened by Joel’s decision to save Ellie’s ability to destroy humans. Check out what people are saying below:

Why Joel’s Decision Was Inevitable In The Finale Of The Last Of Us Season 1

home theater the last survivor Introduction Joel is a loving father to his daughter Sarah. After an outbreak of a fungal infection from the fungus Cordyceps, episode 1 sees her being killed by a soldier who orders her to destroy anyone who might be infected, and she is captured. away from him. That moment erased Joel’s will to live, and as the finale revealed, he attempted suicide shortly after the event.

Twenty years later, Joel is just his old self, a battered survivor looking for something to fight for. He discovered this in Ellie, a 14-year-old girl who soon developed a rare immunity to the fungus Cordyceps. Though the two don’t want to do anything when they first meet, Ellie slowly breaks down Joel’s tough exterior during his months-long journey through a post-apocalyptic America.

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At the end of their journey, after many life-threatening trials, Joel is more than just her protector. Faced with the loss of Ellie, the young woman he cared for as his own daughter, it was an easy decision to save her instead of his humanity. However, since Ellie clearly suspects that he lied about what happened at Firefly Hospital, how is that going to happen? events that affected her relationship with Joel? the last survivor Part 2 remains to be seen.

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