Joe Rogan Is Facing Backlash After Making An Anti-Semitic Remark

Joe Rogan is in big trouble after defaming anti-Semitism on his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. On a recent show with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, the host said Jews don’t care about money, later calling it “bullshit”. He also makes sharp comparisons with Italians who don’t like pizza, calling it “stupid”.

All of this follows Rogan’s comments on Congressman Ilhan Omar’s 2019 tweet claiming that Israel’s supporters in the United States are motivated only by money, in which he stated:

“It’s crazy. Did you see him next to Ilhan Omar, who apologized for saying it was all because of the Benjamins family? It was all about money. She discussed money. In my opinion, that’s not it. must be an anti-Semitic comment.” currency.”

After the post, Krystal Ball felt that Omar should apologize for his post, adding:

“But can’t you talk about the power of money in DC? I mean, there’s a very clear reason why there’s been a one-party deal with the Israeli government all my life.”

The words of the host and the guest are not named by netizens online:

“This is unforgivable,” said the netizen in response to Joe Rogan’s anti-Semitic remarks.

When podcast star Joe Rogan made some anti-Semitic comments on his show recently, he faced criticism from users online. Many social media users called the event “indefensible” and responded to it on Twitter. Check out some of these tweets:

Does that surprise us? #JoeRogan reproduction #Anti-Semitic tropical region? Not a jot. He continues to put himself and his podcast streaming platforms to shame.

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– Brad Pomerance (@bradpomerance) February 8, 2023

.@joerogan said, “The idea that Jews are not greedy for money is ridiculous. It’s like saying Italians don’t like pizza” would make sense if Jews invented money and/or Italians were massacred for plotting to control the world through pizza.

– Ian Haworth (@ighaworth) February 7, 2023

At this point, neither Rogan nor any of his recent guests have commented or apologized for remarks made on the show. Furthermore, the 55-year-old said a few episodes ago that he stopped “paying attention to comments” about his show a long time ago, adding:

“Listen, I admire you two. I just can’t read your ***.

While social media has been filled with individuals demanding apologies from Joe Rogan and the guests, it’s unclear if the three responded to the outrage.

Joe Rogan

A quick look at Joe Rogan and his history with scandals.

This is not the first time Rogan has gotten in trouble for some of his publicly expressed views; Podcasters have been involved in many problems throughout his long career. Last year, during an episode of a podcast, he repeatedly used the N-word, which drew widespread condemnation from celebrities and social media users. Ultimately, the 55-year-old podcaster apologized for his statements. However, he claimed that the clip was “taken out of context”. He also made headlines for a while before it was reported that Rogan was spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. As a result, musicians like Neil Young removed their songs from Spotify.

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