Jesse Stone: Sea Change – Cast & Character Guide

Here’s a guide to the cast and characters of the TV movie Jesse Stone: Big Change. In 1980, Tom Selleck’s career was at a major crossroads when he starred in the film Universal PI and was provided with indiana jones The movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.His commitment to the former led to his exit StrategyIronically, the SAG strike delayed production Universal PI. It’s been a few months, which means he can take Indiana Jones after all.

still, Universal PI Selleck’s success exceeded expectations and the show became a huge success and ran for eight seasons.During this period he also starred in several hit films, including three men and a baby.Tom Selleck spends most of his time watching television, including TV movies like this Ike: Countdown to D-Day and The last battle on the Saber Riverhe also starred in the police drama blue blood Since 2010.

Tom Selleck also stars in the film Jesse Stone TV series since 2005 cold.Jesse comes from the novel by author Robert B. Parker, and here’s an overview of the main characters in the fourth film Jesse Stone: Sea Change.

Tom Selleck-Jesse Stone

Former Selleck cop Jesse Stone is the police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, a small town with many dark secrets.Jesse is in a bad situation. sea ​​change Beginning; his friendship with his ex-wife became strained, and he drank more. To pass the time, he investigates a cold case and investigates the rape accusations of a young woman named Katherine Holden.

Kathy Baker – Rose Gammon

Kathy Baker (pasture) is introduced as Rose Gammon Jesse Stone: Big Change, she replaced Viola Davis’ Molly as Jesse’s new deputy. Ross is an important recurring character in the series and will become a trusted friend to the troubled Stone, although in this installment it is found that they have become accustomed to each other while investigating cold cases.

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Rebecca Pidgeon as Leeann Lewis

Rebecca Pidgeon (Red) as Leeann Jesse Stone: Big Changeis the sister of a murdered bank teller in the cold case Jesse is investigating. She’s caring for her ailing mother, but when she and Jesse are attracted to each other, his investigation leads him to suspect she may be involved in a bank robbery.

Micah Boleym as Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden (Mika Boorem) plays Katherine Holden in the movie sea ​​changehe accuses an older man of sexual assault, despite the presence of witnesses that night, complicating Jesse’s investigation.

William Sadler-Gino Fish

Gino Fish (William Sadler, bill and ted face the music) first appeared on Jesse Stone: Big Change. Gino is a gang member who becomes involved in the case when he learns that Jesse is investigating the money stolen from a cold bank robbery, most of which belonged to him.

Dr. William Devane-Dix

Dr. Deeks, played by William Devane, is another recurring character who serves as Jesse’s therapist.exist Jesse Stone: Big Change He suggests that the protagonist find an incident to relax and take his attention away from drinking, so Jesse begins investigating the 1992 robbery.

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