Jazlyn Holloway Stated That She Wants Her Boyfriend To Be From A Military Background

Jazlyn Holloway is a model from Virginia who made her reality TV debut in the Netflix series “Too Hot to Handle”. She works as a model and is heavily involved in the fashion field. She is also very active in working with local businesses and photographers. In addition, she also walked the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. She owns a clothing company called Private Goods as well as a cosmetics company called 111 Beauty.

Quick Info

First and last name Jazlyn Holloway
Name Jazlyn
Surname hollow
Job reality star
Nationality American
birth city Virginia
Hometown USA
Father of the profession army
gender identity Women
sexual orientation straight
Horoscope Virgin
Marital status Single
net value 500,000 won
Height 178 cm
Weight 56kg
net value 500 thousand dollars
Date of birth September 13, 1996
Year old 26 years

Learn more about Jazlyn’s parents.

Jazlyn has yet to reveal any information about her parents. However, it is common to see her tweeting about them. In 2013, the woman admitted that she often lied to her parents. Before that, she said that she talks to her mother and father twice a week. Jazlyn also has to deal with her father’s military career. Because of this, she and her family moved from place to place more often.

She explained that she couldn’t live in just one city, and that all of her relatives attended the same elementary, middle, and high school. Furthermore, in the show’s profile, she describes herself as a military man. Jazlyn always thanks and appreciates her parents’ concern and all they have done for her. She also tweeted about the car she was gifted with in 2014 using the hashtag spoiled #. She also has an older sister, who she tweeted. In May 2013, she despised having a sibling. After a year, she discovered she was a basketball player.

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Is Jazlyn a “mass scammer?”

Because of her brief relationships, Jazlyn Holloway has described herself as a serial dater. Her poor communication skills and her father’s career were the main reasons why her partnership was short-lived. Jazlyn is currently said to be single. She also did not mention anything about her past relationship. Regardless, we’ll keep you informed as we learn more about her love life.

She wants her guy to be in the army?

Jazlyn is known as a party girl. She likes to have fun with her friends and is often seen in clubs. However, Jazlyn is said to be more interested in men from the military or those in the military. Apparently because her father served in the Air Force. Also, she prefers situational relationships to partnerships. Jazlyn is known to run away whenever or wherever a relationship gets serious. They say he has high standards and will not accept anything less than what he deserves.

Learn more about Jazlyn, a member of the “Too Hot to Handle” cast.

Too hot to touch Jazlyn says she always wants to feel beautiful when shopping or meeting new people. Even more surprising is the desire for a non-binding relationship. She also said in her bio, “Some people call it boujie, I call it that girl.” However, she didn’t do well on the show, as she was rather picky. Jazlyn was dropped from the show.

Jazlyn Holloway

net value

As of December 2022, Jazlyn’s net worth is believed to be between $300,000 and $500,000.

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