It is not a good French with a regional accent !

a drifter, and a very good one at that. To use an understatement, it’s not all about the emphases that, on the contrary, prejudice continues to have.

a drifter, and a very good one at that.

In short, not everything is accents, on the contrary, prejudices continue to have a free course. In the tavern, regional intonations stand out to show off cheese or ham. On the other hand, any “creative” will only think of celebrating a perfume or a luxury car. What does this small community that boasts of being “progressive” do to reason in this area like its banana ancestors?

So dream and hope that this controversy awakens a new level of consciousness. He dreams and hopes that tomorrow BETC and others will change the national teams that they give to the French. But since it is not forbidden to be realistic in the meantime, there is an easy way to encourage these practices to really stop, who can file a complaint on this page designed specifically to collect complaints related to the content of the ads that are considered discriminatory. . In fact, as soon as a complaint is filed, the ARPP is obliged to open an investigation and show the film again with different eyes. If, like me, you’re surprised by this movie, tell them! (2)

(1) in each case the version of the administrator of the advertising agency

(2) On the Facebook page dedicated to this newsletter, I have prepared a text template that you can copy if you wish.


Appeal against the compulsory English language certificate prescribed in higher education

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15 associations have come to file an appeal with the Council of State against the decree of April 3, 2020, which imposes a mandatory English certificate on all licenses of French higher education institutions. According to them, this regulation threatens the independence and free execution of higher education programs, violates multilingualism and ignores scientific work in the field of languages. in

World campaign for the French language

With the hashtags #plusloin and the slogan “How far will you go with the French language”, the French Institute is launching a global campaign to encourage young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to learn French. The campaign was carried out with the help of foreign-born French-speaking “talents” such as singer Jane Birkin and choreographer Bianca Li, available on the internet, social media and a phone number available on WhatsApp.

When the historian Philippe Martel deconstructs Emmanuel Macron’s speech on relations between France and the Republic

Paying tribute to Gambetta, the president said, among other things: “Becoming French also means accepting a language that does not stop at our borders, but has been one of the foundations of our nation.” Nonsense, according to the historian Philippe Martel, who remembers, for example, that Gambetta, a native of Cahors, also spoke and wrote… Occitan.

What’s new on the planet of the French language?

This is the theme of the “falling zebra” of the Francophonie festival that will take place on October 1 at Marceau Barracks, Limoges (Haute-Vienne). On the agenda: debates on the Villers-Cotterêts arrangement and the challenges of translation. In the presence of the academic Barbara Cassin.

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Launch of “P’tit Colas in Normandy”

On the occasion of the publication of Petit Nicolas normand (I had an edition), the Armitière library, Rouen, offers from September 24 multiple activities related to the Norman language for young people. Playful manner and clever use of Goscinny’s character as a transfer tool.

women in literature oc

Edicions Reclams invites you to discover the words of 36 modern-day poets, compiled and presented by Pauline Kamakine. One more sign of the power to create ‘occitane’.


Can you afford a regional focus in the media?

That was the theme of Sonia Devillers’ program on France Inter, Moment M, in which I was a guest with Jean-Michel Aphatie. Hoping to change the situation little by little…


Read our full file

The wrong etymology of the French language and glory and honor in the Flemish western Under the revolution, words become weapons

Focus, Juan Milhau-Blay

This little film is remarkable, both subtle and biting, citing stereotypes associated with accents in movies and commercials. More effective than a long speech.

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