IT Chapter Two Did The Weirdest Pennywise Thing From The Book

Warning: minor spoilers chapter two

chapter two Fans were surprised by the scene where the dancing clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) transformed into an unexpected form: a giant spider. However, IT is still not as complete as Stephen King’s good 1990 novel It short film. Pennywise’s Spider Form chapter two It seems like a compromise between what’s in the book and what’s most effective at scaring audiences today.

Pennywise wakes up after 27 years chapter twoafter seven kids calling themselves the Losers Club beat him in the original It The film is set in 1989. The shape-shifting monster instantly begins a new reign of terror in Derry, Maine, prompting Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) to call his friends home to destroy it once and for all. times and forever. When the Losers Club splits up for unique tokens that they can use in magic rituals against Pennywise, malicious men reappear to scare each Loser into attack. work each of them. For example, Pennywise takes the form of an old woman named Mrs. Kersh (Joan Gregson), then transforms into a creature stalking Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain). Pennywise transforms into a grotesque leper to attack Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone), and transforms into a giant statue of Paul Bunyan to terrorize Richie Tozier (Bill Hader).

However, when the Losers’ Club infiltrated Pennywise’s lair deep in Derry’s underground caverns, Pennywise took on a new form to battle them: he became a hybrid between a clown and a giant spider. Pennywise retained his clown head and torso, but the rest of his body became an eight-legged arthropod, and his arms became elongated claws. IT makes full use of its shape-shifting abilities to fend off the weaker ones, but the fact that IT takes the form of a spider is a bit of a surprise, as this form is one of Stephen King’s weirdest aspects. ItPennywise’s transformation into a giant spider was a funny disappointment in the 1990s TV series, but it was also due to the limited special effects of the era. Pennywise’s giant spider on TV is a stop-motion cartoon, and frankly, it looks ridiculous but isn’t scary at all.

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Chapter 2 of IT explores the origins of Pennywise, which is related to IT’s spider form. Director Andy Muschietti’s film shows IT falling to Earth from outer space millions of years ago and claims that the territory of Derry, Maine will one day become its evil stomping ground. In King’s novel, IT is actually an ancient demon from its home dimension called the Death Ray (depicted in the film as three orbs of light that can possess humans, transform their eyes turned white, And brought a look of terror and death). In the book, young Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher) glimpses IT’s true form in Death Light, what he describes as an endless sprawling, hairy creature created from orange light. – a giant spider just like the original IT. understandable human form.

To be fair, Pennywise’s half-clown/half-spider-man form is light years ahead of the giant spider in the TV series, and that’s chapter 2 Hits climax for Losers. As a giant spider clown, the movie was able to maximize Bill Skarsgård’s performance as Pennywise, so that IT could laugh at the losers as IT tried to kill them. Since all of Loser’s animosity towards Pennywise stems from IT’s clown form, keeping him in Spider-Man form as a clown will help Loser’s fight with IT – and ultimately win – become more personal and exhilarating. However, many fans did not expect Pennywise’s giant spider form to appear in chapter two And, as odd as it may seem, Pennywise as the clown/spider-man is a compromise that inevitably leads to an interesting ending.

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