Is this cat levitating? Video of kitty in tub baffles people

A video of a cat in a bathtub has people scratching their heads. A clip shared on Reddit shows a kitten playing in a bathtub. However, the way the video was shot turns this unremarkable scene into an intriguing optical illusion.

Optical illusion: Is this cat floating in the air? (Reddit/@fake_cheese)

The video was posted on Reddit with a simple caption that read: “Cat on ???” The clip shows a black cat in a white bathtub. During the video, the cat twists and turns. What makes the scene unusual is that the cat doesn’t actually seem to be in the bathtub, but rather floating in the air.

Watch this optical illusion video with a cat here:

The video was shared three days ago. Since it was published, it has garnered close to 4,500 upvotes. The stock also received several comments from people. From sharing how confusing the video was to trying to explain it, people posted a variety of comments.

What did Reddit users say about this cat-related optical illusion?

“I just see a weird moving void at the bottom of your tub,” a Reddit user posted. “In the tub or space,” joked another. “Way too much time was spent trying to figure out how the cat ‘floated’ in the air,” commented a third. “Wow, I couldn’t tell at first, and it was amazing,” joined a fourth.

Some people have also tried to explain what is actually happening in the video. Just like this person who wrote, “They’re in the tub and we’re looking straight down.”

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