If you spot the trophy hidden among beer in under 30 seconds you’re the record holder – and there’s a clue to help

IF you can find a trophy hidden in the beer in less than 30 seconds, then you have a record, and there is a clue to help you.

The incredible optical illusion made the challengers compete fiercely for the main title.


If you find the trophy hidden in the beer in less than 30 seconds, you’re the record holderCredit: Stonegate Pub CompanyIt is a sign that the object looks like this.


The clue is that the article looks like this Credit: Stonegate Pub CompanyThe trophy is round.  You saw it?


The trophy is round. You saw it? Credit: Stonegate Pub Company

The image, created by the Stonegate Pub Company, asks sharp-eyed readers to locate the trophy among the pints of beer.

The creators also attached an image of the trophy as a hint to help confused readers.

It comes as an illusion personality test that could reveal your deepest fear.

The thought-provoking image automatically triggers your subconscious to associate the figures with fear because it contains the subliminal message of the skull.

According to The Minds Journal, if the first figure you saw was a girl sitting under a tree, the source of your fears is repressed childhood emotions.

“There are many types of events that can mark a child’s mind,” explains the Diary.

“If not properly resolved, they can emerge in adulthood in the form of fears, addictions, cognitive patterns, and inappropriate desires.”

Your relationship with your mom is important because much of your emotional development is based on that relationship.

If you spent a little time with your mom and she gave you a little love, you might get over your fears.

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And that’s because your deepest subconscious fear is making decisions or taking responsibility.

If you saw a butterfly, there is a high probability that you are more afraid of death or missing life opportunities.

The butterfly is traditionally associated with a positive meaning, but it also has a darker side.

When they appear in your dreams, they signify changes and beginnings.

“The spiritual meaning of this symbol is the transporter of souls in the afterlife,” writes the Diary.

“Take the butterfly to the world of the dead.”

And if you first saw a huge butterfly, then this indicates an unconscious resistance to love.

If you noticed the strawberry in the center of the image, it should represent a heart.

The magazine writes: “The strawberry has been depicted as a symbol of love since ancient times.

“Well, a better representation would be a symbol of the fruit that is born from the pain of love.”

According to legend, the goddess Venus could not stop crying after the death of Adonis.

With each tear that fell from her face to the ground, a strawberry was formed.

The image you see first can reveal a lot about your deepest fears.


The image you see first can reveal a lot about your deepest fears.

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