iCarly Star Miranda Cosgrove Responds To Jennette McCurdy’s Charges

According to recent reports, Miranda Cosgrove, the show’s lead, has addressed the charges of her former co-star Jennette McCurdy, who accused an anonymous Nickelodeon executive of abusive conduct. Vanity Fair released an extract from McCurdy’s forthcoming book, I’m Glad My Mom Died, on August 5, which includes her claims. McCurdy said in her book that she was subjected to abusive conduct while working on Nickelodeon productions with which she was involved. Cosgrove has now spoken out about her own experiences while working on iCarly in a recent statement to The New York Times.

Miranda Cosgrove claimed that McCurdy’s upbeat personality and sense of humor on the set of iCarly kept her from suspecting that her co-star was going through anything. She stated:

“You don’t anticipate that from the guy who is making everyone laugh in the room.”

What did Miranda Cosgrove have to say about Jennette McCurdy’s charges against “The Creator”?

Miranda Cosgrove told The New York Times that she couldn’t believe her co-star Jennette McCurdy had such reported unpleasant experiences. Cosgrove elaborated:

“You’re so in your own brain when you’re young. You have no idea how difficult life is for the people around you.”

The 29-year-old actress said she was unaware of McCurdy’s alleged bad experience on set. In her forthcoming biography, McCurdy alleges that she was subjected to abusive and improper conduct by a Nickelodeon executive known as “The Creator.” While McCurdy did not identify the individual, it is quite probable that he is iCarly creator and executive producer Dan Schneider.

In addition to McCurdy’s current charges, many sources in 2018 said that Schneider was fired from Nickelodeon after numerous complaints against him. According to sources, these complaints were filed as a result of his aggressive behavior against the producer and scriptwriter. However, Schneider subsequently denied such rumors, telling Deadline:

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“I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have so many respectable people’s long-term friendships and continuous allegiance if I mistreated my performers of any age, particularly minors.”

Jennette McCurdy’s charges hint at a possible reason why she did not return to the show’s 2021 resurrection.

Thus, Jennette McCurdy’s omission from the 2021 iCarly comeback on Paramount+ might be attributed to her previous involvement with the program. Miranda Cosgrove told E! News last year that she had gone out to her former co-stars in an effort to get them on board with the revival. McCurdy, though, refused.

Miranda Cosgrove said at the time:

“We all phoned her individually, and we really wanted her to be there.” But, at the same time, I’m pleased for her since I know her life has taken a new turn and she’s loving what she’s doing right now… So I believe we all accomplished what we were probably intended to do.”

Miranda Cosgrove

Jennette McCurdy seems to have retired from acting after producing three short films. The last Nickelodeon program she worked on was Sam & Cat. Her most recent acknowledged acting performance was in the 2018 short film The First Lady. Her most recent endeavor was a one-woman play called I’m Glad My Mom Died, which she performed in a few venues in Los Angeles and New York before to the epidemic. The book based on her program will be published on August 9.

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