Human tries stopping a cat from pushing a pen, fails miserably

It’s no secret that cats love to push things that are kept on tables or shelves, but have you ever wondered what happens when a human tries to stop a cat from doing so? A hilarious video posted on Reddit captures a similar situation. It shows the person’s failed attempts to thwart the cat’s plan.

The picture shows a cat lying on a table with one paw on a pencil. (Reddit/@tommos)

The video was posted on Reddit. It opens to show a cat lying on a table with a pencil in front of it. At first, the cat casually rolls the pen on the table. A person prepares to catch an object in case the cat pushes it off the table.

Understanding the man’s intentions, the cat pretends to push the pen several times, but stops at the last moment. The cat then rests its head on the table, pretending to have lost interest in the game. However, the moment the human relaxes—probably thinking the cat has given up—the kitty continues with her pen-pushing plan and succeeds.

Watch the interesting video of the cat:

The video was published five days ago. Since it was shared, the clip has garnered more than 2,600 upvotes, and the numbers are still growing.

The video also prompted mixed reactions from people. From talking about various cat antics to expressing their own opinions, people filled the comments section with hilarious reactions.

What did Reddit users say about this cat video?

“Sir Isaac Mewton, testing gravity. It’s just science,” joked a Reddit user. “Haha, really smart kitty toss it when you’re not ready,” posted another.

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“Love this! Your cat timed it so well – proving to themselves that they are a ‘superior species’/boss!” praised a third. “That cat was just waiting for the right time,” commented a fourth. “He makes all the rules,” wrote a fifth.

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