How to see your photos and albums on an Echo Show display

If you want to take advantage of your Echo Show’s display option, why not display your photos. Technology brought us the video picture frame long before we had smart homes or voice assistants; the problem was always that you’d have to plug in a flash drive or connect the frame to your computer to change or update the images the frame was displaying.

These days, we can take it a step further and have a little more influence over what appears on these screens that now act as smart digital assistants and virtual concierges. Let’s dive into setting up your own photos on an Echo Show, like the Echo Show 10 or Echo Show 15.

Your choices may vary depending on which photos you want to show and which country you live in. While you can set your Echo to choose photos based on a specific day, photos it’s used before, or photos you’ve added manually, chances are you’ll need some control over the photos the Echo shows.

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Set up and manage your Amazon account

The easiest way to manage photos on Amazon Echo is to create an Amazon Photos account. You can get access by downloading the Amazon Photos app from your phone’s app store or by using the desktop/browser version.

Step 1: Create an Amazon Photos account

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Open the app and sign in with your Amazon account. If you’re a prime member, you’ll get unlimited photo storage. If not, you get 5GB of photo space for free, which should be enough for this task. Connect a photo account to your phone and have it upload all or select specific photos from your phone or computer.

Step 2: Create an album

Once you have a few photos in the Amazon Photos app, create an album specifically for the Echo Show (to avoid weird or questionable photos popping up when the grandparents visit). Click Albums and +Create an album. Then select the photos and click Create an album button. In the Amazon Photos app, select Albums and give the new album a name, like “Show Time!” Then select photos and add them to that album.

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Image used with permission of the copyright holder

Customize Echo Show settings

Once you have your chosen album, the next step is to feature it on your show.

Step 1: On the Echo Show, swipe down from the top of the screen and select settings or say, “Hey Alexa, go to Settings.”

Step 2: Choose Home and clockchoose Display of watches and photosthen Personal photos.

Step 3: Choose Photo display, and you will be offered a choice between Amazon Photos and Photo from your Phone. Choose Photos by Amazon.

Step 4: You will be presented with a number of options including Latest photos, Todayand albums you’ve created in Amazon Photos. Select your album and click Save. You’re all set, and your Echo Show will randomly scroll through the photos in that library.

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Update and edit photos in the Amazon photos app and on the Echo Show

Use your Amazon Photo Album to add or remove any photo whenever you want to edit your pictures.

Step 1: Open the Amazon photo app, update and remove any unwanted photos in the album you’re sharing on Echo. If you have a family account, they can also add pictures to folders.

Step 2: You can set up the Echo Show to display Latest photos, which will refresh and change as you take new photos. choose Latest photos instead (when you enter the Echo Show settings menu, after clicking on Display of watches and photos then Photos by Amazon).

So you can view your own photos on the Echo Show. Whether you want to see family and friends or remind yourself of a great trip, it’s easy to enable this feature on any Amazon Echo Show device with an Amazon Photo account.

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