How to Make Brainstorming Session Successful?

Brainstorming is a method of finding new ideas and solutions. It is crucial that the participants listen to as many variations as possible, especially the most creative ones. They picked the best ideas or solutions from everyone that everyone could put into practice. In this article, a free essay writer will show you how to conduct a brainstorming session the right way.

History of the method

American advertising writer Alex Osborne is believed to have invented the brainstorming technique and his military experience has enabled him to do so. During World War II, Osborne served as a truck captain. When he received a radiation about a potential danger – an approaching German submarine. Thinking about a fix, Osborne adopted a technique used by his medieval brothers: in the event of an accident, the entire crew would gather on deck to propose a version of the incident. their efforts line by line.

Osborne did the same: he gathered his crew and asked everyone to suggest their tactics in the event of an attack. However, none of the ideas were used: German submarines were not interested in American ships. But Osborne began to develop brainstorming theory, which he described in a report in his book “Applied Ouija”, published in 1953.

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Key Rules for Successful Brainstorming

For a realistic brainstorming session, you don’t have to retrace Alex Osborne’s steps and put it in the correct order when the opposing team underwater has come in front of you. It is best to adhere to the following rules.

1. Prepare in advance.

It is not necessary to surprise the group and announce the brainstorming topic when everyone has assembled. Give participants less than a few days to prepare: to give them time to think about ideas in advance.

2. Efficient working atmosphere.

Suppose the room is very cold or hot. In that case, there aren’t enough comfortable seats for everyone. There is no paper and pen for each participant and no flipchart for the leader. Everything the participants want brainstormers to do – get these gatherings to end as soon as possible. Everyone should have pleasant working conditions.

3. More people = more ideas

The goal of brainstorming is to generate as many ideas as possible, from which everyone can choose the best one. It is important to bring together more participants: for example, not a department of 3 but a team of 10. But don’t just brainstorm people who don’t want to participate just because of the number of clicks.

4. Describe the problem in detail.

Agree on the brainstorming topic in advance, and before the session begins, you must explain the goal of the meeting and the problem you have to solve. Make sure that all participants understand exactly the task and know what they want.

5. There is no limit to ideas.

An important rule for having a successful brainstorming session is that there are no rules during the brainstorming session. Don’t say, “Just come up with ideas that we can do with our budget”, etc. Allow participants to say whatever they think of – even collaborating with aliens. . Participants can’t criticize other people’s ideas, but they can complement them, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and suggest what hasn’t been heard in any way.

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6. Record keeping.

Remember everything: exercises, methods and instructions to improve memory.

During brainstorming, it is important not only to express your ideas, but also to write them down. Everything, no matter how absolutely amazing and how worded it is in jargon. And better yet, not just have one leader come back, but have all the participants involved, and no one should forget an idea.

7. Ability to add ideas after Brainstorming.

The brainstorming process could end, everyone settling into their rooms, sitting on the couch with a beer – and strangely enough, it did! Allow participants to share their thoughts afterwards. But don’t prolong the ideation process, set a clear deadline from a day to a week.


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