How to make Big in Little Alchemy 2? Step-by-Step Guide

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What is Little Alchemy 2?

“Little Alchemy 2” is a crafting game where players combine different materials to create new items. With over 700 items to discover, the game is all about experimentation and uniqueness. To start “Little Alchemy 2” you have to mix basic components to create more complicated ones. The combination of fire and water, for example, produces steam, but the combination of water and earth produces mud.

One tip we can follow is: We must understand that the secret to success in “Little Alchemy 2” is to try new things.

How to get big in Little Alchemy 2?

There are six ways to get big in Little Alchemy 2:

philosophy + cluster of galaxies

philosophy + galaxy

philosophy + planet

philosophies + the solar system

of philosophy + Sun

philosophy + space

What’s fascinating about this is that anything bigger than a planet, such as a galaxy, requires a planet in its conjunction. The combination of Planets and philosophy would therefore be the easiest method to create the Great.

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Little Alchemy 2 game

Recloak’s Little Alchemy 2 is an easy-to-play online crafting game. The goal is to mix elements to build new ones. To begin, combine Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to create new elements. Discover more than 700 objects and learn how to make time, matter and the universe! Little Alchemy 2 relies on mixing different elements to create new products, which can then be used to craft even more complex items.

The game starts with four basic elements: air, water, fire and earth, which the player must use to build new ones. The player must drag and drop two elements onto the game board to see if they can be combined to create new elements. If the combination is valid, a new element appears and the player can continue to experiment with various combinations.

Little Alchemy 2 has approximately 700 elements, so there are several possible combinations to discover. As the player progresses through the game, new goods and clues will be unlocked, prompting them to find even more combinations. Some elements can only be created by combining others, but others can be created by trial and error.

The game has a hint system that can be used to display some of the available combinations for a particular element; however, using hints lowers the player’s overall score. A hint system is also provided which reveals the next piece the user should attempt to generate.

Little Alchemy Guide 2

  • Understanding the Basic Elements: At the beginning of the game you will have four basic elements: air, water, fire and earth. These elements can be combined into new ones.
  • Elements can be combined by dragging and dropping them onto the game board. A new element will be produced if the combination is valid. Elements will cancel each other if the combination is invalid.
  • Experimentation is the key to success in Little Alchemy 2. Try different elements to see what you can come up with. Don’t be afraid to play with unusual combinations.
  • Unlocking New Elements: As you establish new elements, you’ll gain access to new goods and clues to help you discover even more combinations.
  • Using hints: If you’re stuck, you can use the hint system to discover some of the available combinations for a particular element. However, using hints will lower your overall score.
  • Attention to detail: Some elements can only be made by combining other listed elements, so pay attention to specifics when developing new elements. A simple adjustment can sometimes make a big difference.
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Little alchemy of 2 combinations

Recloak is constantly adding new crafting components to Little Alchemy 2. There are currently over 700 items. Some combinations will be more obvious than others, and there is often more than one way to craft a new item. Some pairings are logical, while others require more imaginative, out-of-the-box thinking.

These are all logical combinations. Some combinations, however, are less clear, such as water + horse which results in a hippopotamus. Sometimes you have to step outside the box and combine elements you would never expect to combine to make something.

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