How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty (The Easy Way)

at the earliest stage medieval dynasty Players want to earn coins quickly and in an easy way, and there is no easier way than collecting straws. However, straws in the game don’t work the same way they do in real life. It is not a crop that is grown and harvested, but collected from wild plants.

Players who don’t want to make money by roughing up other villagers or fighting can pick plants they don’t need to grow themselves. Since it takes a season for crops to grow and be ready to harvest, players don’t want to get stalks from crops anyway. This actually makes it a more accessible source, which means more money can be made in the short term. However, as the player progresses, they don’t continue to go to the river to collect.

Where straw was harvested in medieval dynasties

Although Straw is not always as useful to players as it is in the early stages of the game, Straw is still an important resource. In addition to being a great source of simple coins, it is also used in crafting. Straw can be used to build buildings and torches. While not the most stable build resource, there are plenty of reasons to collect it.

As mentioned earlier, straw doesn’t come from the in-game wheat crop. Instead, it comes from reeds. Reeds are the leaves that grow with cattails and other lake and river plants. There are several riverbanks on the map, which means there are many places for players to go to collect straw. Most of the lakes that flow into these rivers are in the center of the map, however, there is one lake in the center at the bottom of the map. While all cities on the map are near water, the closest cities are Gostovia and Borovo.

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The hardest part is figuring out which leaf is the reed. It’s not difficult to do, though, as the player can simply place the cursor over the plant and it will be recognized as a reed. After harvesting, reeds in the player’s inventory will be marked as straw. This means there is no need to go through any additional process to make them into straw, just go up and grab it.

medieval dynasty Available now on PC.

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