House Greyjoy: 10 Things The Show Leaves Out From The Books

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House Greyjoy may be located on the edge of Westeros and is one of the lesser known major houses game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of really cool stuff. Unfortunately, condensing these massive books into a TV show meant a lot had to be cut, and the Greyjoys suffered as a result.

They’re a really cool family with a wicked past (literally) and many amazing details in the books that didn’t quite make it to the show. So, whether you haven’t read the books, or you have and just forgot, here are ten cool things about the Greyjoys that didn’t quite make it to the silver screen.

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They are descendants of the Gray King

The Gray King is a legendary figure who is said to have ruled the Iron Islands for a thousand years. He’s never mentioned in the show, but there are some really cool legends about him; for example, he has a crown made of teeth, carved a ship out of a so-called devil tree, and he taught people how to make Net and sail.

He’s also said to have a hundred sons, which is pretty likely considering how much the men of Westeros like to fuck around, and that’s assuming those sons are all different women. After his death, the sixteen men who survived the battle divided the Ironborn into parts.

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They were chosen as rulers by the Ironborn


House Hall of Oakmont ruled the Iron Islands before House Greyjoy. When Aegon conquered the Seven Kingdoms and overthrew the ruling house of the Iron Islands, he allowed the Ironborn to choose a new leader, and they chose Viken Greyjoy of Pyke. This was the beginning of House Greyjoy’s domination of the Iron Islands, all the way to the current series as we know it.

As such, the Iron Islands are more of a democracy than most of Westeros, which is odd considering the rest of Westeros tends to think of them as backwards. It’s true that not all new rulers are elected, but House Greyjoy was initially elected.

Yara’s name is Asha


she is not excluded The show itself, but she completely changed. Asha Greyjoy in the books was changed to Yara Greyjoy in the show, with writers stating that Asha sounded too similar to Osha and that people might confuse the two characters. That makes sense, but that’s not all they’ve changed. Although George R.R. Martin was adamant that Asha was straight, Yara Greyjoy was definitely not, as she has shown attraction to women throughout the show. Her character has changed a lot and maybe will bring some much needed LGBTQA representation. game of Thrones.

You can’t blame the writers.

Balon wants her to be his heir

In Game of Thrones, Balon Greyjoy has his back turned to the children and his expression is serious

While Baron’s relationship with Theon is also portrayed pretty badly in the show, its entirety is omitted because we don’t know Baron well enough to see how he really feels about Theon. After the Greyjoy Rebellion, he was forced to hand over his son to the Starks as a hostage, and in the books he hates Theon deeply, although Theon takes no responsibility for the consequences. He desperately wishes Theon was dead so he could declare his daughter Asha heir to the Iron Islands and end it all.

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oops. Poor Theon. It’s easy to see why this guy is a little confused after everything he’s been through.

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Dalton Greyjoy’s story cut from show

Greyjoy family crest

As a character, he wasn’t cut as much as just mentioned, but his story It must have been cut.

Dalton Greyjoy was Lord of the Iron Islands during the Dance of the Dragons Civil War. Known as the Red Siren, he was one of the most fearsome Ironborn to ever exist. He earned this nickname from a battle he fought at the age of fifteen, in which he killed so many of his enemies that he emerged from the battle covered in blood.

He died because his throat was slit by his mistress Tess in his sleep, in a rather brutal way after so many battles.

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same as victarion

The Greyjoy appears in the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer

Victarion, the brother of Balon Greyjoy, has been completely removed from the show.

In the books, he is very loyal to Balon and seems to support his rule of the Iron Islands despite the frequent discord in the family. He was very devout and took part in Greyjoy’s Rebellion. Like many ironborn, he wields an ax in battle, though he is also proficient with a longsword. It’s safe to assume he’s a pretty good fighter, so it’s a shame we don’t get to see him do his thing on screen.

He also has a troubling feud with his brother Euron…

Means Euron and Victarion’s past isn’t talked about

euron greyjoypilu asbeck game of thrones

The story of Victarion and Euron was very compelling and important to the Greyjoys in the books, but since Victarion was cut from the show, the story was never mentioned .

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Victarion was married three times. His first wife died in childbirth and gave birth to a stillborn daughter. His second son died of illness. His third is where all the problems between him and Euron started. Euron raped and impregnated Victarion’s wife. In a rage, Victarion beat his wife to death in order to “restore honor”, and Euron was eventually expelled from the Iron Islands.

You know Euron is in trouble because of this show, but you don’t know how bad it is.

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silent history…

euron greyjoy game of thrones

Speaking of Euron being messed up.

His ship was named the Silence, and while it wasn’t entirely cut from the show, the crew was almost entirely cut out. Euron sailed around Essos and is said to have traveled even further aboard the ship, collecting artifacts and secrets. The reason Euron is shrouded in so much mystery is because his crew kept his secrets. He is sure of that. how? By cutting out their tongues.

that’s right. Every crew member on his ship was missing a tongue. Somehow, sailing with Euron didn’t seem fair. But it appears they don’t have much choice in the matter.

Euron’s Magic Horn


The ruins of Valyria are said to be where Euron went, and to the Kingsmoot he brought what he found there: the Dragon Horn.

Apparently its name is “Dragonbinder.” Daenerys trains her dragons with ropes and whips, which Euron says can be used to control dragons. Daenerys did say that the dragonlords of Valyria used witch horns to control their dragons, so that seems legit. It’s never mentioned in the show, so it probably won’t play a role in controlling any dragons in season eight. In the book, however, it’s just possible.

and his dragon egg


Euron doesn’t seem to have enough treasure, the other thing he claims to have is dragon eggs.

Excellent. have.

Apparently he found this in Valyria too, but when asked if he still had it, he said he threw it into the sea in a fit of rage. This hasn’t been questioned more as Euron is unstable, but in the books he’s portrayed as a more manipulative and intelligent man – and fans have speculated that he might have used the egg for other things (such as paid for Balon’s assassination).

alas we may have to wait winter wind See if these theories hold up.

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