Horse reacts upon seeing a mirror. Video will make you chuckle

A video that has caused laughter online shows the horse’s reaction after discovering the mirror. The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by host @buitengebiden.

Picture of a horse reacting to a mirror. (Twitter/@buitengebiden)

The clip opens to show a horse standing in a barn looking into a small mirror. At first, the horse seems confused by its reflection. Then he approaches the mirror to inspect. The horse even moves its head in front of the mirror to see if the reflection will move. (Also read: Horse patiently waits for cat to jump on his back, takes kitten to ride)

Watch the video of how a horse reacts when it sees a mirror here:

This post was shared on August 30th. Since it was shared on the microblogging platform, it has been viewed close to six million times. Many even shared their views on the horse in the comments section of the video.

Here’s what people are saying about the horse:

The individual wrote: “The horse is like: who is that stallion.” Another added: “He’s like, wait a minute, I’m so good I can’t get enough.” A third commented: “Oh, a horse has to look twice to be sure. LOL!” The fourth said: “He will find another horse!” “This is an amazing way the horse gallops at the end,” expressed a fifth.

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