Horoscope week 8 – 14/5: How is your love, money, health according to your zodiac sign?

Depor MX Writing 05/07/2023 10:47 m.

Lots of attention! In your opinion, it never hurts to find out what surprises life has in store for you Zodiac sign. Here we show you one horoscope may reveal many interesting and relevant aspects of your future in the coming days. Please note that this announcement is only valid from Monday, May 8 to Sunday, May 14. Dare you know what the stars have in store for you?

  • Aries weekly horoscope

Partner sign, this week will be luxury for you. More than anything, because I’m an Aries, I would never tell another Aries that things are not going to be okay. Unity between signs, you know. Also, a little popular. You’ll forget about the supermarket and you’ll have to use tissue paper for what you already know, you’ll leave your computer at the office on the day you have to work remotely BUT, in the end, the good news is you’ll find a parking spot car on a Friday night downtown to go out for dinner you don’t like anything.

  • Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

Oh, Taurus, how are you? If that’s the case, I hardly need to tell you anything because you always have a sixth sense to know what’s going to happen to you. Especially if you constantly play parking in prohibited places. Oh, and you know that for years you’ve been played around by your favorite bartender who put whole milk in your morning latte instead of the low-fat skim milk with the aroma. of the Asturian village of happy cows. You and I know how lucky Bar Pepe is to have this delicacy.

  • Weekly horoscope for twins

You will be great this week, sj de face, the face I have as I write this. But no, seriously now. Dear Gemini, I have some news to give you. This week you will work from Monday to Friday. Yes, yes, we come from many bridges and holidays and all groups, but it is so. I know no one wants to tell you and you think they will have three business days next week, but no.

  • Cancer weekly horoscope
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If I were a real python (no one) I would tell you that you are like a cancer, even though you think you are going backwards, you are actually moving forward. ERROR. Dear Cancer, if you notice that your life is going backwards this week, that’s because it is. My recommendation in the non-fa weeks is to sneak past them. With waking, going to work, coming home, watching Netflix, and going to bed, you feel more fulfilled than ever.

  • Leo weekly horoscope

I refuse to mention your lion strength. Please, ENOUGH NOW. What I’m going to tell you, dear Leo, is that if you don’t stop buying people beer, you’ll be tougher than Leo DiCaprio halfway through the Titanic in the middle of the ocean. That I know that now with good weather, the liquid gold of eternal drunkenness has no emotion, but has a little mercy on always being the one paying the price. What kind of payfantas are you, but you pay for beer, yes.

  • Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Ains, Virgo love, love… what can I tell you if you don’t know about love. Well, it’s not his fault that he ends up like this… But just like that, it’s your fault for getting back with that woman. What can I say? If I’m not here to tell you they’re going to bother you again, you’ve met your coworker and they’ll tell you. But be careful, here Carmen Raya understands you, spring has come and we all have sex drive like price: on top.

  • Libra weekly horoscope
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You won’t have a day off this week. I know, this joke is horrible, but it burned my fingers. What you can’t get rid of (sorry, I’ll stop) is people asking you to stop mentioning the song. Yes Yes. I’m scared. Don’t make me say what it is because it wasn’t the plan, but hey, stop singing now because you’re a bit heavy (like a pound).

  • Scorpio weekly horoscope

Remember that raise you wanted to ask your boss? Well, listen, if I’m being honest, don’t even try. And not because I don’t give it to you, because neither do you (as far as I know), but because as soon as I give it to you, you will start living a life that you won’t be able to afford. even with your new salary. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

This is an egg that bites its own tail. The more money you want to live better, and that is not possible. So look, don’t annoy your boss and go on living without problems. Don’t tell me I’m not the best tarot reader. I don’t know if I can see the future, but I speak the truth like a fist.

  • Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Share the sign with Brad Pitt, Alejandro Sanza and Jamie Lorente. !! Congratulations!! Will you be as successful this week as they did in life? Of course, dear Sagittarius, of course. Because remember that celebrities are just like you and me minus the mansion, the car, the free travel, the million dollar bank account and the beauty. Morally? You won’t live in La Moraleja, but this week the downstairs bar is finally putting salmorejo on its daily menu.

  • Capricorn weekly horoscope

You won’t go to Capri or see a unicorn this week. But be careful, because in a few days you will arrive at Mercadona and the orange juicer will be clean and ready for bottles. Incredible but true. I neither confirm nor deny that there is a good chance that there is no payment queue. Life is for you.

  • Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius
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You will move like a fish in water, you must drink more water, you must jump into the puddles of life without a buoy… These are some sentences a fortune teller would say to you, but for me As a journalist, I’ll tell you something. Better to have nothing to do with being a water sign: you’ll get a bonus from the city pool!

Seriously, I see it in your future this week. You get a bonus because then you spend the whole summer saying you don’t have a swimming pool to go to. Sorry, private pools cost money and as I told you in this horoscope introduction, you must be one of those 99.9% wrong decisions.

  • Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

I will not lie to you. Since you’re the last sign, I’m just exhausted because I’ve connected with the stars 11 times. But since you and I have unlimited data, I’ll try again. See, they told me you’d lose the lock, I don’t know if they meant the one on the bike, the one on the suitcase or the one on the locker in the gym. Maybe so, and accordingly, you can travel, go to the gym, and ride a bike this week.


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