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Meet Harrison Floyd, the only co-defendant in former President Donald Trump’s meddling in the Georgia election. Still in custody as of August 2023, a state judge denied him bail despite his pleas for release.

In the rest of the letter we will discuss his case and tell you all the other things worth knowing about him.

Meet Harrison Floyd, a member of The Black Voices for Trump

Recently, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Emily Richardson ruled that Harrison Floyd — one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants in his felony indictment stemming from his persuasive efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Judge Emily said Harrison’s bond will be “discharged” but is being fully reviewed by Judge Scott McAfee of Georgia, to whom the defendant was previously assigned.

Harrison is a US Marine veteran and mixed martial artist charged with violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), as well as “influencing” a witness and “conspiracy” to obtain false statements.

So, at the time of this writing, people are told that Harrison will remain in prison, one that is being investigated by the US Department of Justice for violence and unsanitary conditions.

Harrison is the only one of the 19 co-defendants who has been forced to remain in prison after a judge deemed him a “flight risk”.

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According to his LinkedIn page, Floyd graduated from George Washington University’s Columbian College of Arts & Sciences in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in history, graduating with honors.

How much is Harrison Floyd’s net worth?

Harrison Floyd reportedly had a net worth of over $500k as of August 2023. On his LinkedIn, he boasts of managing over $12 million in assets and multiple staff while providing operational oversight and oversight.

Even so, on August 28, 2023, while he was in the Fulton County Jail for the second night in a row, he told the judge that he could not afford a lawyer. Asking the judge to release him without bail, he told the judge that it usually costs between $40,000 and $100,000 just to hire a private attorney to fly to Georgia. He told her that he could not afford a lawyer for “something like this”. But by then, a legal defense fund set up to help him had already raised more than $233,000, simultaneously elsewhere.

The Harrison Floyd era

Harrison Floyd was born in 1984. So, in 2022, he turned 38 years old.

If you also need to know, his full name is Harrison William Prescott Floyd.

Who are Harrison Floyd’s parents?

Harrison was born to Willie Lewis Floyd Jr. and Georgette Michelle Floyd. Georgette turned 62 in September 2022 and Willie turned 68 in July 2023. They were still married and seemed to be living in Pemberton, New Jersey as of 2023. Also, we learned that these people first met , during the introduction to the married couples portion of the 63rd Regional Support Command’s latest Strong Bonds event for singles and couples, Sept. 2 at the Sheraton Hotel in San Diego.

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Charity Buzz reported that Harrison comes from a family with a deep history of military service. They wrote that he grew up traveling the world before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, where he served 10 years.

Peter N Floyd of Nanticoke, Pennsylvania who turned 36 in June 2023, Angela M Floyd of McKinney, Texas who turned 34 in August 2023, and Brian Floyd of Fayetteville, North Carolina — most likely Harrison’s sibling.

Wife of Harrison Floyd

Harrison Floyd has a wife named Erika S Damare, whom he married on July 5, 2019 in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Erkia from Adelphi, Maryland turned 33 in September 2022. She had a professional career as an ESOL teacher. She was featured online while presenting a workshop for parents on using Kids AZ on a computer or as a mobile phone APP to support Reading for ELs. He also likes to go around as a Content Specialist/Teacher in the ELD: English Language Development Program at Loiederman Middle School.

In any case, it seems that Harrison and his wife have continued to be together since 2023. They are also the parents of their daughter Harlan. They have not yet been widely understood by the public.

When Harrison ran for Congress in Georgia but dropped out of the race, he was still engaged to his current wife.

Height of Harrison Floyd

Harrison Floyd is over 5’11” tall.

Related FAQs

  • When is Harrison Floyd’s birthday?

Harrison Floyd’s birthday is in September. However, it was not known exactly which day.

  • Where is Harrison Floyd from?

Harrison Floyd was born in Hopewell, Virginia. His father was born in Alabama and his mother was born in Massachusetts.

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As of 2023, before he was taken to prison, Harrison resided in Washington DC

  • Is Harrison Floyd on Instagram and Facebook?

Harrison Floyd was on Instagram since August 2023, but could not be found on Facebook. His IG @harrisonfloydga, with 162 followers, has not included any posts here. And yet, he proudly wrote on his BIO: “Veteran.” Retired MMA fighter. Future husband. Republican candidacy for Congress in GA-07. The future starts with us.”

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